Pen y Fan walk time

Hello SOTA community

Just a quick question, I’m planning a trip up Pen y Fan this Sunday WX Dep and was wondering that if you start from the C-Park on the A470. Approximately how long does it take to get up the Ant Hill trail?

I understand that people’s walking speeds are different and will take this into account.

Furthermore im planning a 23cm FM Activation, I will start by beaming towards the Cheltenham Mafia so hopefully somebody will be about!

Many thanks look forward to the replies

Matt 2E0XTL

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Paul G4MD and myself allowed 1 hour 45 minutes and ascended in 1 hour and 17 minutes. Needless to say the descent did not take the 1 hour 25 minutes allowed, but just 47 minutes. Conditions at the time - sun, rain, sleet, snow, hail, strong wind… 5 seasons in a day!

Fan Fawr SW-005 planned for the afternoon was abandoned in favour of Craig y Llyn SW-010 as the weather deteriorated.

Have fun, ignore the Emmets and hope you have success on 23cms.

73, Gerald

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Cheers Gerald

Mnay thanks for the info!! I will most likely start on 2m ssb and then try and arrange a QSO on 23. I know that LGS has 23cm so hopefully will get my first scoring points on 23

BTW Congrats on MG im hoping to get 100 points by the end of the year, so a slighty lower target HI


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Thanks for the congrats Matt. The task was boosted by a huge push last winter when I managed 27 summits and scored 179 points. Suddenly I found myself in the 900+ zone and it has just been a case of getting out whenever possible to complete the task. Uniques remain the MO, but that doesn’t mean I will be mopping up every single point summit that’s left. The larger summits are still very attractive.

Enjoy the walk up Pen y Fan. The route is well graded and of a high standard - it has to be to withstand the amount of foot traffic it is subject to. No doubt you’ll pass a few dipsticks wearing trainers and only minimal clothing.

All the best for reaching your personal target. I hope to catch up with you on 23cms one day.

73, Gerald

P.S. Enjoy The Begwyns as well - I did. It’s a cracking spot on a warm summer’s evening.

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Hello Sota Community

Sorry to anybody planning to work me on 25/07/2010, due to commitments at home have had to miss out on the activations today will try later in the week

73 Matt