Pen-Y-Fan GW-SW-001

Hi all,

Thanks to all the chasers that worked me yesterday 27th Feb 2011. Apologies to those that I didn’t manage to work. Conditions were interesting. As most people pointed out there was a lot of wind noise and there appeared to be no position to get any respite from this anywhere on the summit. I did have a few ‘technical’ problems relating to the Wind, Rain, Hail, Snow and Fog although the latter just caused me a minor problem navigating my way off the mountain! Thank goodness for the compass which was hidden at the bottom of the rucksack…

For reference I was running 20w on an FT-857D with a SOTA MFD antenna and a Heil headset without which I could not have worked anybody, the wind was so bad.

In reply to M0ZZA:
Hi Anthony

Really pleased to have worked you yesterday on Pen-Y-Fan. Many thanks for the 8 pointer and more importantly, glad you made it down safely.


In reply to M6HBS:

Thanks. It was a good and enjoyable day really. The equipment took a real hammering. After a bad session on Worcestshire Beacon in the rain last year I invested in a whole new set of outdoor gear and that was my first real opportunity to put it to the test. Everything clothing wise worked and kept me warm and dry. I need to revisit the arangement with the 857 and come up with something a bit more practical but it did work as planned. The only real casualty of the session was my portable log book, the remains of which will now be consigned to the bookshelf in the shack. I’ve just ordered some Rite-In-The-Rain notebooks which should sort me out.

I’m looking forward to another expedition in a couple of weeks time. I just wish the Lakes were closer…