Pedró EA3/BC-006

Hi folks,

Yesterday I was in Pedró 2080m, a relaxing summit with no wind and a trig to seating, hi!
I could enjoy a splendid morning enjoying every QSO.

Total o 68 QSO with two S2S, all EU stations. Superb on 40 and 30 but poor on 20m band.

Anyway, a pleasure mountain radio morning.

Thanks for watching.


Hi Jon, TNX for the QSO

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Well done, Jon!
Thanks for sharing the nice video. Keep on enjoying in the mountains.
73 de Ignacio

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I am starting in the SOTA world. Congratulations on your videos.
I hope to hear from you soon from some summit.
greetings 73


thanks guys,
I have motivated watching your activities and now I do the same for those news on Sota who can help or motivate.

Great video Jon, it seems you had a good day.73

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tnx 4 qso, cu agn sn

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Many thanks for the contact Jon. I enjoyed the video and seeing where you were located. Hope to work you again soon.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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