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No topic for this app yet? What are you using?
After years of struggling I installed peakfinder app today. Working fine. Would be nice, if there were sota references displayed. But within my local surroundings, I know the qualifying summits.
I will report my experience after my next expedition.

73 Martin

Hi Martin @OE3VBU
Using this one “SOTA finder” It’s free

73 Éric

Hello Martin
I use this Peakfinder since one year and it is a great app to find all the summits around the sota.
Best 73
André f5ukl

Peakfinder is cheap so I’m not complaining but I find it has limitations.

The vertical marker lines don’t align perfectly with the actual scene on which they are superimposed. So, with a crowded summit horizon (like here in G/LD) I can’t always be sure which hill/mountain a marker line is pointing to. That’s not helped by the fact you cannot tell [without looking at a map] how near or far each summit is [because the bottom end of the lines is all the same]

I have been using Peakfinder for a while. You can adjust the distance that it “sees” so that your view isn’t so crowded and it is easier to pick out summits. You can also move the names/markers with your finger to align them.

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Thanks for the tips, Stuart

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Thanks for info. I will try sotafinder as well for comparison.
I tried other free apps before that did not work for me.
Form my office in Vienna I could see two prominent peaks (>50 km apart) I never figured out which they were. Just this information is worth the Ω4.69 resistance.
Over the years I developed quite a good feeling, wether 2 m simplex will work or not.
Whatsoever the peakfinder gives much information without need for studying maps nor creating terrain profiles - e.g. is there any 2000m summit in between me and my QSO partner

73 Maritn.

I’m continuing to have problems with SOTA Goat app on iOS. It would be nice to have a near bug-free app when I need it. It’s come to the point where I’m sending out test alerts before leaving the truck to make sure it’s working.

Time to try a different app.

I’ve been using Peakfinder for quite a while now. I like the fact that you can take a picture and add an overlay later.

When it comes to SOTA Goat, I gave up on it some time ago (temporarily I hope). I use to spot; it works quite well even with poor LTE/3G coverage, and I appreciate the functionality to list the nearby peaks.

Does SOTL.AS have a mobile version? Agree on SOTA Goat.

Does SOTL.AS have a mobile version? Agree on SOTA Goat.

There’s no app, but the web site is optimized for small screens and works very well on phones.

Or just use SOTAwatch.

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