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I’ve visited a few crash sites both before and after starting SOTA. There is something very unsettling about them even when you know everyone survived. I suppose it’s because the nearest most of us get to aircraft is when we walk on them at an airport a few times a year. Seeing them up close and broken is very very different.

Here’s a pic of a Peak District wreck sat by an engine from the Liberator that crashed on the approach to Kinder Scout :slight_smile:|mm0fmf


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I’m currently reading a book called "no place to land"
A very interesting detailed account of over one hundred plane crashes
In north Wales during ww2.
Roger mw0idx

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No mention of Brown Clee Hill, which has apparently the highest number of wartime crashes of any hill in Britain.

Having lived virtually at the foot of it in the run up to Gulf War II, I can see why! I swear I could see the whites of the pilots’ eyes as they nearly took the roof off the house on numerous occasions!

Of course, it’s not really in the peak District :wink: