Peak District Robberies

There was a robbery (aka threatening violence with a weapon) the other day at a Snake Pass layby, this follows one a few days earlier in another location. Just be aware that parking up on the side of a road in this area may invite trouble. The last incident involved a bright green Vauxhall Corsa


Also be aware those who dabble in a spot of day light robbery (aka traffic wardens) are on the prowl at the top of the Snake pass. Don’t park on the grass (the other side of the double yellow lines) even if it’s busy. My recent activation of Kinder Scout cost me £35.


Let’s hope it doesn’t cost you your activation points as well…

“3.7 Rules for Activators
All Expeditions must use legitimate access routes and comply with any local rules”



Is this the new hobby of ROTA? :slight_smile:

I successfully challenged a similar ticket in VK3 many years ago. There the act clearly applied only to parking on the highway, which is defined in the ‘definitions’ section as the highway itself and any ‘formed’ shoulder. Which excluded the grass verge and any other neighbouring land.

Wonder what your local legal definition says …

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Our system is neat. You get a 50% discount for paying early. If you dispute the fine and they find against you, you go over the time and pay the full amount. The Peak District suffers badly from illegal parking and there is plenty of enforcement going on - although still not enough.


I thought this thread was about Rob MW0RWX/P who on VK Portalog comes up as Robery! :grinning:



On Outd Log, I come up as Jay. I did wonder why some people kept calling me that.

Yap, same here.
Why do people spread unconfirmed information? Why do they publish someone else’s details without letting them know?



Good to know Martin, I also corrected @M0JKS first name locally.

Once I collect enough additions and corrections, I’ll upload a merged names.csv to HB9EAJ – HB9SOTA (scroll down to ‘Maintained names.csv File’). This usually happens every 1-2 months.

Initially, I collected the data from different sources, some I validated with, but to be honest, there are for sure many wrong names included. For example, for the same call you find different names on different sources, sometimes even on the same platform.

The current version contains 72,276 calls. Any input/correction is welcome!
Please send me multiple corrections as CSV, like that I can easily merge them.

Juerg @HB9BIN also maintains a names.csv at and we both integrate each others data. The main difference between mine and his file is that he also includes additional information, like WWFF references. Since I’m minimalist/purist :wink:, in mine you’ll only find the call and the first/handle name.

Looking at your call, it contains ‘Peer-Olof’ and on and here you specify ‘Peer-Olof “Pom” Müller’. I guess you want to be called Pom instead of Peer-Olof, I just corrected it locally.

Initially, I used the data only locally with my logging app, but then I thought it may be useful for others as well. Some other hams find it useful as well, since the majority of the names are correct.

How would you organize that with minimum effort? Input is welcome!

73 Stephan

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Ah. Now we know where this comes from Martin.

For reference, my name features 3 times in the list. Correct twice. Incorrect once (MW0RWX).

73, Robert



Thanks Stephan.


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For the ones that want to update their names.csv to my latest version, I uploaded it to my HB9SOTA page. You can also directly download it from

The file contains 72,346 calls that are somehow related with portable operation.

Included are corrections and additions from above, from the latest HB9BIN names.csv file, as well as from my recent SOTA activations.

As always, input is welcome!

73 Stephan


the issue with snake pass summit is some of them TikTock goons have been crawling all over the B29 crash site “overexposed” at Higher Shelf stones, its a really beautiful place and the final resting place of a lovely old plane… but consequently its getting BATTERED now… same with the “Trinacle” at Dovestone, TikTock strikes again… so much so the local police, Park rangers and MRT put a warning out, as the walk in isnt for beginners but people were getting hurt/lost!



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