Patio Anchors

I’m sure at some point on the reflector I saw someone link to what I can only describe as “patio anchors”. Made of the same material as carabiners, it looked like you hammered them betwen two paving slabs, then twisted them 90 degrees to lock them in place. You could then tie guy ropes etc to them.

Does anyone have a link to them? After much time on Google I couldn’t find anything like what I’d seen.

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Spent 10 minutes on Google here. No luck. I’m usually pretty good with Google too.

Is that a T-nut? They are used with T-slotted Aluminum profiles here in NA, but might work between two paving slabs too.

73, Jaakko ac1bb/oh7bf

I Googled key anchors and found it was probably a toggle anchor listed by:

Not quite what I think I saw, but could well work instead thanks.

Again not what I remember seeing, but these would work better for what I need. Thank you, sometimes you just need to know the right words to use!


And “Google Hero of the Week” goes to…

Thank you!

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Second item in my Google search for “patio furniture anchor”.

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