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Past QSOs for chaser log

I’ve been participating in POTA for almost two years now and have recently began to chase SOTA as well. I have about 4300 qsos in my log and when I uploaded to Islands on the Air the other day found I had 97 contacts, unknowingly. That leads me to believe at least some of my past qsos have been with SOTA activators. The SOTA site says not to upload your entire log. Is there any other way to figure out if any of my previous qsos count for chasing?



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If you didn’t put the person’s SOTA_REF in your log then the sota database wouldn’t credit you for anything. unlike LOTW / QRZ / IOTA , SOTA database isn’t actually looking at 2 logs and making the connections for you. As my understanding is the logs are seen independently of each other.

So you could possibly sort your log by Call, then look up each person on say Sotl.as then see if you are in their logs for the days you have them in yours.

Of course I’m only speaking from how I understand the system works. If I’m way off one of the admins will come and correct me.

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If you are proficient in Excel, you could match up your contacts with all activators (using Excel’s INDEX and MATCH functions) and see if there is a match between the calls on the two lists. You can then look up any calls that match in sotl.as and find the QSOs for the correct dates to get the correct references. If you don’t know how to do it, search on the terms “excel index match two lists” or some variation to get a tutorial.

73 de K9PM Paul

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But where do you download the general SOTA database???
I’m interested too.

carlos PY2VM

While you can’t download a csv file with all chaser (or all activator) QSOs, you can copy the list of worldwide chasers at SOTA Database by selecting “All Associations” from the dropdown. the list can be pasted into Excel. from there the data can be massaged to match up call signs with another list (POTA, etc.).

73 de K9PM Paul