Password reset for SOTAMAPPING

I have tried to reset my password on SOTAMAPPING to allow me to upload a track. However, after submitting the request several times, I never received the email that allows me to reset the password.
Any ideas?
Dean ~ K2JB

The problem here is that the emails from the sotamaps server containing the register/reset password instructions are occasionally being blocked by the receiving email servers. This is a perennial problem when sending instructions via email - no matter what we do to try to alleviate the situation, emails from our server will eventually be blocked by some other server. Here’s an extract from the headers of the message we received from your email server:

host[] said: 553 5.3.0 alph731 DNSBL:RBL 521< >_is_blocked

Thankfully, this situation will be completely resolved very shortly when the new version of the sotamaps site goes live. Users will then no longer have to have a special sotamaps login - instead they will be able to use a single, SOTA-wide, login to upload tracks to the SMP, upload their logs to the database, and so on.

So, Dean - I’ve sent you a Reflector PM with your password reset instructions.

For others who may face this problem in the intervening time before the new SMP goes live, we suggest contacting your email provider to lift the block; alternatively you can try another email address in the hope that its’ email server will not be blocking our messages.

Cheers, Rob

One of the reasons I have an old crufty mail account is their spam filtering works well yet they don’t block signup emails. I’ve always been able to get these kind of mails though sometimes you have to dig about to locate stuff in the junk folder. But it never seems to drop them.

There’s a lot not right about it too but it works well for signups etc. Worth considering if your primary mail provider is a bit keen on the filtering.