Password issues

HI. Scotty here. Just changed to a new computer. Had no problems signing back in to the sota chaser site and the sota reflector using my old passwords.
When I try to sign in to the sota watch, It won’t let me sign in. I put in my Callsign ,KG3W . When I try my password, it won’t accept it. Tried to register using a new password but it keeps kicking me back to try again and again.
Ideas? Thanks de KG3W , Scotty

Problem solved evening of 6/24/16. Thanks for your help . 73 de Scotty

Hi Scotty,

Just a shot in the dark but check that there isn’t a trailing space after your callsign or password.

There has been further discussions about this on the reflector but sorry I didn’t have time to find them.

Best of luck - it will be something simple. :wink:

73 Neil

Tried that Neil, but no luck yet. Thanks for trying. Anyone else? You can suggest here or e-mail me at my QRZ mail. 73 Scotty

The person who can help you is Jon @G4ZFZ - the mastermind behind SOTAwatch. Simply by my including his call sign in this format he will automatically be made aware of the issue. Where you know the call sign of any users of this reflector, including their call sign in a post prefixed by the @ symbol like this @KG3W will cause them to be alerted to the post.

Hey guys… I just got my password straightened out. I’m signed in now. Thanks for the suggestions. 73 de Scotty