Partial solar eclipse today

I am curious to (see) hear whether the solar eclipse will affect radio traffic today.

73 Chris


I tried to find any change in propagation during the solar eclipse on January 4, 2011 while activating DL/AM-001 (Peissenberg) early in the morning.
It was a nice experience and I made a lot of QSOs under the partially eclipsed sun. In short, I couldn’t find any difference to a ‘normal’ day.
A search of the literature turned up a lot of scientific papers on the subject, and of course there are changes in the ionosphere during the occultation. In the D layer, nighttime conditions begin as solar radiation decreases. In the F layer, the changes are more complicated. Some of the ionization also results from radiation from the solar corona, which is not blocked during the eclipse.
A very interesting topic!


The pinhole camera image on my log from the solar eclipse



Hi Chris,
No partial eclipse here ! JN23mx
only a big sunshine with 32.2°C :wink:
73 Éric

Edit : happy to work you on 10m with this eclipse :crazy_face: