Parking options for GW/SW-014 Mynydd Carn-y-cefn

I’m in the midst of research for some possible activations in GW/SW over the in the near future if I get time. I was wondering about whether any activators have any tips for parking at GW/SW-014? Looking through some previous reports I see some people mentioning the golf course as the starting point for their walk to the summit. Is there any parking for non-members at the golf club, or is that a big no-no? Any advice would be welcome.

73 - Matthew M0JSB

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Haven’t tried it from the east/golf club so someone else will have to answer that question.

You can park in Ebbw Vale (Ebbw Vale Parkway station car park is free I believe) and go up from that side. I’ve just uploaded a track to SMP.

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Thanks Pete!

I seem to recall parking where the track splits off to the golf club where there is a large section of hardstanding. You can see it on the aerial view on Google Maps. Mind you, my recollection is from 2008. :grinning:

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I spoke to the groundsman at the golf club and asked permission to leave my car in their car park. He was really friendly and even suggested that I walk though the golf course. Well worth an ask. From my activation I suspect that you would not get any complaints if you parked in the car park and were unable to find anyone to ask.

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Easy parking at Roundhouse Farm SO 18661 10314
Approach from Nantyglo
There is a gate at the top of the lane - go through that and there is plenty of space to park


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On both visits, I parked as recommended by Phil. (G4OBK). Little triangle at the start of the track.
SO189105/ N51.47.16 W3.10.35
The triangle was free both times. If not, there are plenty of parking options nearby. Then just follow the track up.
Don’t take the track that runs along/below the clubhouse unless you are in a tractor.

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When me and my dad Tom @M1EYP activated this summit back in 2015, we parked in the golf course car park and had no issues from the golf club by parking there.

Jimmy M0HGY


We follow the brown signs to Round Towers and always park at:- SO1901510585 just down from the bus stop. This has served us well since about 2013. The previous year in snow we drove past the golf club - without the benefit of a tractor or the ability to see the road surface. We felt it, however, and have not been that way since.
BTW - We now usually do SW-012 from Big Pit; a 17 min drive around the hill to the walkers carpark just outside Big Pit gate.

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Many thanks everyone for all of the helpful replies - much appreciated.

Hi Matthew

Nice to get the S2S today all the way from Coity Mountain GW/SW-012 ! I make that a bit less than 3 miles :wink:



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Thanks Rick,

Great to work you this afternoon! One of the shorter S2S distances! Unsurprisingly you were booming in!

Hope you had a good activation, and catch you again.

73 - Matthew

I always used to park at SN178092 on the other side. Walk up the side of the old tramway to the top and then cut across the summit to the TP. Quite easy.


Thanks John,

I decided to try the golf course car park in the end. It didn’t seem to cause any problems, although I did end up walking down a very muddy track for the first part of the walk to the summit. Will probably try a different route next time.

Thanks again for the info,


Think that’s SO170892 … interesting possibility


Oops. Only 100km out. Plenty on places to park up there.

Parked at the golf course, in the Clubhouse CP… had a pint of shandy there when I got down… VERY hot day

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