Parking for Greyrigg Forest G/LD-038 ?

I’ve not done this for maybe ten years, I wonder if anything has changed since then and the comments on the old reflector ?

I parked at the bottom of the transmitter site road last time, not ideal as it was half on the road and half across a gate from what I remember.

I see from Google Maps Street View the gate says “Keep Closed” nothing about no access.

I’d rather do the walk up the road than park up at the transmitter site, you feel that you have earnt it then, if your not in a rush so do another that day.

Nick G0HIK

I did it from the Parking area and view point on the A865 at NY607006 in May 2018.
Plenty of room to park. (Google street view)

Walk 100m or so south along the road and take the gate into the field then a quick walk up to the ridge at SD604998. (Google Street View)

There was a route over the wall to reach the trig point. I have no recollection of how we did it… which must mean it was easy!

Pic from the top of the initial climb back to the parking area. As you can see it was very hot and sunny!

Thanks for that, I didn’t see that point, I’ll investigate further.

I’ve also seen just north of that parking area a lane to a farm following Borrow Beck, it looks as if there is a farmers track from that lane up through the fell.

Nick G0HIK

I’ve edited it and added a couple of Google Street view grabs. I did this when driving home from Scotland - it was a quick break in the journey.

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When I did it recently I walked up via the transmitter road, there was a farmer in the field to the left of the gate marked “Drive Slowly” when I arrived, after a quick chat he was happy for me to park on the transmitter road, at the first cattle grid bypass gate.

Probably not one you can plan for!