Pardon my sending

I want to apologise for my problems with CW whilst on Moel Gyw GW/NW-053 this afternoon. I think I have been smitten with Palm Paddle Syndrome. The ‘dah’ paddle kept cutting out, then sending “dah-di-dah-di-dah…” etc. It made a cold and windy activation very difficult and embarrassing.

I am sorry if it caused confusion or if it caused some to abandon the chase. My thanks to the brave 13 who stuck with it and sorted sense from the gibberish.
The paddle is now on the bench for treatment and possible surgery.

73 / 72,
Les g0nmd

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Hi Les,
Know exactly what you mean, dodgy key and cold conditions… if its a palm key and the original cable… change the cable, run in some black and red power cable, much sturdier… also check the three pin into the key, sometimes moves and breaks connection… As for the chasers I am sure they are aware that all is not rosie on the summits this time of the year…

Steve MW0BBU,
Palm Key user…

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No problems Les.

As long as the chaser can recognise their call and the report they know exactly what you are trying to send and will fill in any doubtful characters.

TNX for the contact, which sounded fine to me.


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I have two of those keys with PPS its the dash side on both. Usually works again after a wiggle of the cord. Most cw ops know the errors in the chain of characters sent and wait for thr recovery. 73 de vk5cz …

No problem Les,

sometimes i have that problem with a good working key :wink: often i send too much dits or so. normaly i have no problems to work a pile up, but i don´t like my own cw if the fingers have their own beat.
every chaser know you are portable and not in the warm shack. many things can be different, … technical problems,cold fingers, grab your gear that blown away from the wind…etc.
just for info. i have allways a palm straight keyer with me. i use it if the cable is broken at the paddle or for QRS stns at abt. 8-12wpm.but since i changed my cable at the palm keyer with a fixed soldered one…haven´t any problems the last time.

greetings an hope cu on the air !

vy 73/72 Klaus DF2GN/p

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I have a (kit) electronic keyer that makes fine at home but, sometimes, when it’s really cold at the summits, it starts to run up to max speed making me use only the paddles and the 817 internal keyer… after trying to make some qsos at 45wpm…!
Being on the game…
73 de Mikel (read it at 45-50 wpm)

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Welcome to the gibberish club Les. I suffered a major influx of the wet stuff onto my key up in GM on Wednesday which managed to confuse many a chaser with involutary extended dashes. Having no sensation in the ends of my fingers didn’t help either. By the end of each activation, I was well versed in sending sri. Thankfully SOTA chasers are generally an understanding and tolerant lot and very few were put off. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Welcome to the gibberish club Les.

I thought it was only me! There again I start out like that and get worse during the activation.

I assume you’ve left the People’s Republic of Alba and headed back “darn sarf”. I deduce this from the fact it snowed and sleeted last night till 8.00pm and today there’s not a cloud in the sky and the sun is shiny bright. -1C when I got up to deice the cars mind you.


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Yes Andy, back in the East Midlands where it is raining for a change. Give me that crisp -1C plus sunshine any day.

We did enjoy a modicum of sun on Bainloch Hill yesterday afternoon when it got to a balmy 7C. Almost took my jacket off, but it was rather chilly in the wind when I got up from the operating position by the summit cairn to change antennas. Lower down the hill Paul was getting a tan - err, well almost! :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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In reply to G0NMD:

Hi Les,

I was not around to chase you on this activation but I can only echo what others have said. Chasers are a very understanding bunch & appreciate that there may be many reasons for erratic sending from an activator.

Speaking personally as a chaser, I always make allowances for errors or “strange” sending from an activator. I have activated summits myself, some of them in appalling weather so I am never surprised to hear errors from activators. There are many reasons why their sending may not be perfect, & by now I think most chasers are aware of “Palm Paddle Syndrome” so can make allowances for that type of error.

Contrary to what you state, if I hear an activator struggling to send correctly I will not abandon the chase but will try even harder to ensure the activator gets a qualifying QSO. I am the same with QRS operators. We all had to start somewhere & I remember the struggle I had to get up to test speed, & how nervous I was using the mode, until only the past few years.

Well done for persevering & hope to catch you on the air sometime soon.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF