Paps of Jura

Hi Everyone - Long time since my last post.

2E0XIS, 2E0WMG and Myself(M0ZZO), wil be attempting the paps of Jura on 10 - 12 June.

GM/SI-022 Beinn a’Chaolais
GM/SI-013 Beinn an Oir
GM/SI-018 Beinn Shiantaidh

I won’t put it on the spotting database as our plans are pretty fluid. Activity is likely to be HF SSB only on 15, 17 and 20 Metres (small possibility of 40). We will put out calls on 2 FM but don’t expect much by way of responses.

Activity is most likely to be late afternoon / early evening and I will try and spot from phone when active.

Does anyone have any route advice?


James M0ZZO

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I can share my routes with you shortly but they were somewhat assisted by local support. On Jura right now with a slow internet connection and with the Fell Race happening later today (just realised it is past midnight) - no time right now - there will be stations on all three tomorrow.
Jim g0cqk

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Thanks Jim

I noted the fell race was on today. I have planned our first draft based loosely on its route over the PAPS.

We may now be doing GM/SI-022 Beinn a’Chaolais on the Saturday (9th June), late afternoon / early evening and then GM/SI-018 Beinn Shiantaidh and GM/SI-013 Beinn an Oir (in that order) on the Sunday


James M0ZZO

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Hi James!

I wonder if you were able to get to Jura? Did a quick check on your SOTA Database listing and note there was no entries for your planned activity dates??

Just interested to see if I could advise you on route info (specifically with Memory Map .mno files) if you are still interested?


Jack (;>J