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Hi all
Does any one know where i can get a paper log book from, i cannot seem to find one. Just for putting Hf contacts into. Or has a program that i can print my own.
Regards Nigel

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I use a one-page table created in Word. Any word processing program should do, no special software needed. I print these tables with a laser printer which makes them (to some extent) water resistant (at least more resistant than inkjet print-outs).

Would share my table but I am not aware of any possibility to upload files here.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

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Professor Google is your friend! :wink:

1st UK company selling a paper log book I could find was Rocket Radio who are selling the RSGB 40 page log book for £4.99.

I was surprised by how many ads for different logbook programmes there were and how few for paper log books.


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Have a look at the WAB website £3.50 1 book and £6.00 for 2 , that includes postage . A4 size 50 double sided pages 25 entries per page .

Roger G0TRB…

Just download Logger 32 on your PC Nigel. It’s freeware, and it’s great! I’ve not written in my paper logbooks since I’ve had it.


Rocketradio handles some serious S&H costs!!

£9.96 postage for an A4 logbook that costs £5. This is ridiculous :o)


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The problem is that P&P in the UK is no longer cheap. The Royal Mail have put up prices significantly in recent times. Likewise heavier package changes are astronomic, especially to the continent. I’m not trying to justify their charges, but having been involved with a silent key house clearance and shipping over 130 packages, the cost can be very expensive.


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Hi Tom
Nice to have worked you over the weekend, i have also down loaded the Logger 32 and find it very good.


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Hello Nigel,

you may try this one:

73 andy DL2DVE

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Hi all
Thank you for all the help.
Regards Nigel

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I refuse to buy from places that have excessive postal charges - this sounds like another one…
I think Richard, G3CWI, does waterproof ones - or is my memory failing, again!
Graham G4FUJ

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Hi Peter,

I keep an eye on the referring websites via my webstats, and so I came across this post.

Postage for this book is £1.99, not £9.96

I just logged into the website as a customer so I could check this from ‘your’ end.

The only way I could get a p&p quote of £9.96 was to order 5 books, not 1.

Can you please clarify this with a full story from your end please?

73 de Mark M0ROC
Rocket Radio

Hi Marc,

Last night when I tried for the first time it gave 4.99 for the book and 9.96 S&H. I must add that the website did something strange when I selected the VAT window. Maybe that had something to do with difference in postage you mentioned?

However I tried again today. After 2 attempts with the same thing happening at first with the VAT country settings these were the results after the second attempt:

1 book: 4.25 S&H 2.49 VAT 1.18 total 7.92 (mobile/portable logbook)
5 books: 21.23 S&H 12.45 VAT 5.89 total 39.58 (mobile/portable logbook)

Don’t know where the different figures come from but this is how I copied from the website.

Hope this helps?

Kind regards,


Hi Nigel

You could try the RSGB. The price for their ‘Value’ transmitting
log book to non members (cheaper to members) is £4.99, and postage
is £1.75. They also do other log books if you want something more

Kind regards


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You could use Microsoft Excel to make a log book on the computer.If you already have a log book look at the format then you can decide where is goes in Excel. You could also try the RSGB thats where I got my log book from. ( It’s the Value one.) On last thing you could do is Microsoft Access which you usually with the Microsoft programs.(It’s like Excel but a little more complicated.)

Hope this helps

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Hi thx for all the help
Regards Nigel.

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Hi All, just like to say thx to every one for the input. And to Myke G6DDQ for calling round to my house with a new log book for the price of a cup of tea and a slice of carrot cake good value for money thx Myke.
Regards Nigel

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Looking forward to more of the home made carrot cake, delicious mmmmmmmmmmm

Thanks Nigel and regards to Jessica et al