Panorama view from OE/TI-509

Hi all,

I took some pictures after my activation of Einstein last saturday and assembled a 180° panorama view, which can be found here:

Image size is 3784 x 562 pixels at 770 kB - enjoy!

73 Bernhard, DL4CW

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Stunning panorama Bernhard! Thank you for sharing.
I’m curious… Which SW did you use to stitch it and how many images did you use?

73 Marc G0AZS

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Splendid! nice picture! what a beautiful région!
73’s qro
f5nep Lionel

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Hi Marc,

The panorama was created by loading 8 single images into the Shareware “PanoramaStudio”. Have a look at Create and present 360 degree panoramas | PanoramaStudio Panorama Software. The results are most enjoyable even with default settings. I tried quite a few of these tools, but this one has become my favourite.

73 Bernhard, DL4CW

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Hello Bernhard,

Great photo, congrats!

Were the single photos taken with a tripod and panorama head or just “by hand”? If this works without a tripod I will try this software. Goes together well with SOTA!

73 Heinz

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Hello Heinz,

the photos were taken free-hand without tripod using my daughter’s camera (S*msung L100). I just leant against the wooden summit-cross, which gave some support though.

73 Bernhard, DL4CW

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Hi Bernhard,
and all other interested OMs!

Use the SW “Autostitch” from this link
because this is a Freeware!

enjoy it :wink:

73 de Christian OE5HCE