Pan American SOTA Weekend 2024

Hi everyone!

We are now announcing the next SOTA big event!

From April, 13th 00:00 UTC to April, 14th 23:59 UTC we will have a lot of activations all over the Americas.

Hope to hear you all in the bands!


Do you intend to spend the night at a summit? If so, I will reserve that weekend and if the weather is good I would camp on a summit since I have wanted to do an S2S with South America for years. 28Mhz from UTC 2000 to 0200 is the ideal window between SA and AS.
73 de JP3PPL



It would be great if we make this contact.
It was not my inicial plan to stay in the summit, but now I will try to manage it!

And we will have a lot more other activators that could do the same. Let’s try and thank you for your idea!

Last weekend we had a POTA event over here in Brazil and some colleagues were able to contact some South Asian stations in 10m. Maybe we have the same lucky in April.

73 de Douglas