Palm Radio after sales service: "chapeau"

I went to empty my Post Office Box in Pamplona this morning after not having been able to do it for quite a long time (nearly 2 months, I believe, thanks to the “great” Spanish Post Office “service” not opening anymore neither the working weekdays afternoon nor the Saturdays morning) and I’ve been very nicely surprised by an enveloppe with a letter from Palm Radio’s Hannes-DL9SCO and Dieter-DJ6TE along with one of the newly designed thinner and more flexible cables to connect Palm Radio Mini Paddle to RIG. The letter explains they sent it to me (for free) after having read my recent post explaining my cable failure when I was going to activate the new unique EA2/NV-112, Mount Sutxu.
This is really pleasant and a very nice surprise, as it was totally unexpected and also because we’re not used to such kindness and attentions coming from today’s companies which are most of them only wishing to sell you anything and run with the money.
I want to thank you very much Palm Radio for this and the minimum payment I can think of is writing this post here and letting the SOTA community know how nice you’ve been about this.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF, your devoted customer :wink:

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Hi Guru,

First, I think I was one of the guilty parties in this episode – I forwarded your note about bad cable performance to our Swiss Palm Paddle representative (sort of unofficial market research), and he sent it along to the factory. I’m delighted to see how they responded.

I was never happy with the original Palm Mini Paddle cable – like many other users, I had to have it replaced. I was fortunate enough to get a beta version of this new cable (Model MP-CC – same model number as before?), and I’m much, much more satisfied with. I’ve used it now on more than 25 activations without a hitch. I think they finally have found the solution to a nagging problem and now offer the SOTA paddle solution par excellence.

And I totally agree, their service is really top of the line. They do whatever they can to please you.


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Thank you, Paul, for having done so.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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Indeed, outstanding customer service.
I too had a jiffy bag through the mail this morning from Palm containing a very nice letter and replacement mini- paddle cable.
Pretty good, as I don’t have a mini paddle!
I do have the pico paddle but that’s a different cable :slight_smile:

I’ll be passing it on to a deserving CW op soon.


I too have received a replacement lead - impressive stuff. The covering letter explains the gesture is in response to my “review” on here.

Like Pete, the new lead is surplus to requirements. I have the Code Cube, so the lead needed is jack-to-jack and doesn’t involve the 3-pin connector (this is built in to the Code Cube for attachment to the Mini Palm Paddle).

Nonetheless, a considerate action from Hannes DL9SCO and Dieter DJ6TE at Palm Radio.


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Me too! A lovely surprise in the shape of a padded envelope containing a new paddle lead greeted me this evening after arriving home from work.

Top marks Palm Radio!


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Me too. Dieter read my post about a broken cable on this reflector.

Now all I need is a brain upgrade to understand any telegraphy at all! It’s too fast. [I can’t cope with raquet sports like squash either]

“Hut ap” rather than Chapeau?


David M0YDH

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It seems you are right about the fact they read this reflector, Guru. They emailed me today to advise that one of the new cables is on its way to me, notwithstanding the fact I defamed them mercilessly. I guess I should take it all back.

Elliott, K6EL
Libel Label

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I had a very nice surprise turn up in my mail box From Dieter and Hannes today at Palm Radio, a new lead for my cw Paddle. Thanks very much .
de Ian vk5cz …

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Very good Ian - likewise a new lead for me and a new lead for nick G4OOE arrived from Germany yesterday. Fantastic service.

Phil G4OBK

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I would just like to add my thanks to the Palm Radio team.

Nick G4OOE

Also my thanks to the Palm Radio owners!!!

(a gentle hint that the Pico cable also needs attention - cable will break at the strain relief bulge at the paddle connector)

73, Barry N1EU

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I removed the connector at the end of paddle and soldered directly to the printed circuit boards inside using a flexible cable not from Palm Paddle. Where the connector once was is a cavity I used to pour Bees Wax to anchor the cable. From a previous mod I discovered that excessive lateral movement or cable twist caused a torque back to the connection at the board making it short against ground. Not so now…works pretty good.


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Mine arrived in time for use on a hill three days ago. It’s substantially shorter than the original, but just long enough. Gold plated, too. Worked great and left extra room in the box for unrelated stuff.
Elliott, K6EL

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Just to confirm Dennis - you’re talking about the Mini paddle or the Pico paddle?

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I did exactly the same, solder the cables directly inside.

Works fine. Seems reliable.

Barry, I’m almost sure he talks about the mini

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That’s what I think. The pico cable is a problem that needs addressing IMHO.

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Ian Guru Barry and all -

I just saw this thread - I too was pleasantly surprised to find a padded envelope with the new Palm cable inside! These guys sure are serious about customer support! It looks great - the wire is just long enough. Usually on summits I sit on the ground, with the log in my lap, and the radio on the ground.

To be fair, part of the reason my original cable failed was due to being jerked a few times. This happened once when my pole crashed due to high winds and inadequate placement - with the result that the tuners and radio were jerked over the rocks by the pole flying up in the air.

Last summer at 4000M a marmot (large alpine rodent) tried to steal the dacron cord holding the far end of my wire, except he got it wrapped around himself, with the result that he pulled the entire 6M pole down, flipped it across a large rock, and jerked the radio gear into the air. I was incredulous - I was sitting in a hole, so I didn’t see the animal. I jumped up, pulled on the pole, and it pulled back! Eventually I freed the marmot and continued the activation.

My original Palm cable really did fine considering what was done to it. I don’t know if the new one will hold up as well, but I do know it will suffer abuse no matter what - things happen in the alpine zone that don’t happen elsewhere!

Thanks again Palm!


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Roger, mini paddle.

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I epoxied the joint of my three pin cable for the mini-Palm, BUT, I sold my mini-Palm because it was (much) too big and heavy for my purposes.

The Pico-Palm is another story. That paddle has such a good feel, is so light, that I have changed to it from my homebrew paddle even though my homebrew paddle is at least five grams lighter :wink:

the pico-Palm gets two thumbs up from me! Iused double-sided tape to attached a small thin piece of steel to both my ATS4 radio, edge (I use the back of it for logging), and to my 3x5 perfboard log sheet backing used with the MTR. now a magent holds the 3x5 card log to the perfboard on one side, while the pico-palm uses its own magnet to attach to the back!

73 - Fred KT5X (WS-zero-TA)