Palatinate Forest Activity

I’m new to the SOTA business and after first, with 5 QSOs disappointing activity from DM/RP-398 in August, I used a planned short trip to the Palatinate Forest for five more activations. So in mid September I activated DM/RP-302 and DM/RP-305 on a single day, DM/RP-417 the next day. Due to a malfunctioning car I had to postpone the activation of DM/RP-311 to the day of departure with less time on the summit and only half the amount of QSOs compared to the other days. I forgot to mention that I activated on my way to the Palatinate Forest DM/RP-272.

So I earned 30 activator points during my autumn trip. Equipment was my 20 year old FT-817 with an external 8 Ah, 11.1 V LiPo battery lasting two days of activation. As I like data modes I took a 8 year old Windows tablet running WSJT-X with me. Antenna was a 2.5 m long whip with loading coil and some random radials. In the end 142 contacts were in the logs and I got really infected by the SOTA virus. The beauty of the Palatinate Forest is always overwhelmig.

And now, which summit might be next?


I love that last photo. Very atmospheric!


Thanks, it was indeed an interesting calm and misty atmosphere already during the walk to the summit. Later the sun came out.


Hi Frank,
welcome to the SOTA familiy. :smile: Mind you, the infection may end up in an addiction. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So please stay cautious with the dosage!
Have fun and good luck with your future activations. I am looking forward to a S2S with you.
73 de Peter, DM7KN


HI Frank

I’d just like to say hello on the reflector and thank you for the FT8 SOTA QSOs, we completed four QSOs in that mode. I do enjoy operating data modes and like to work any activator using data modes as you do - not many do use data when activating, me included! It will take you extra time and carrying extra weight to operate data, so I do appreciate it. Your DATA activity, and what other activators provide, makes a pleasant change from the daily routine CW/Phone SOTA contacts I make.

73 Phil G4OBK


Hi Phil, thank you. I enjoy FT8 and it’s worth carrying the tablet with me. Rest aussured as long as the tablet will be alive you’ll hear me in DATA mode at the beginning of my activations. My usual procedure is FT8, CW and then, if time allows, SSB and then to the next band.


Greetings Frank, welcome to the fraternity. :grinning: :+1:

Geoff vk3sq

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There is no going back now Frank. It will take a long time to work SOTA out of your system, if indeed it ever does go away completely. Welcome to the SOTA family. I look forward to more reports from you in due course and hopefully have a QSO sometime. :grinning:

73, Gerald

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Thank you everybody for the nice welcome to the community and reflector. Looking forward to many QSOs from a lot of summits. Next activities are already in preparation.
73, Frank