Packing 32700 LiFePO4 cells

Hi All
My first experience with 32700 cells
They were listed as Liito Kala 7000 6500mA, AU$ 70 for 12 cells including taxes.

Fully charged when I received them in mid October, I discharged and recharged one cell five times, the capacity is around 5.6A based on my B6 charger (my 10yo B6 does need an upgrade to 1% resistors for voltage reference, it does show an error of 0.1 - 0.2v margin)

The 12V pack weight is 600g and dimensions are 14 x 7.5 x 4 cm

The cost for one 12V pack, cells and plastic holders only, is AU$ 27.


Looks very interesting. I am getting sick and tired about the bad availability of the Zippy LiFePo4. Have you soldered them together or do you use a spot welder? Have you got a photo of the complete pack ready to use? 73 John, DK9JC

Not ready for use yet, still on my bench for further evaluation and waiting for BMS.

From my first ordered batch, 12 cells have different stamps on cathode end.

I used a spot welder, quick and dirty built with parts laying around in my shed, the only cost was a cheap timer board from China for setting 150ms firing.

There are mixed reports from many users. All played on their own risk, including myself.
AD6DM, claimed as first experimenter, his pack 4S2P failed to his expectations.

What is the C rating for these cells?
According to this descrition on a buying site it would be 5
“LiitoKala 3.2V 32700 7000mAh 6500mAh LiFePO4 Battery 35A Continuous Discharge Maximum 55A High power battery+Nickel sheets”.


Hi Mate
My target is set for 10Ah, so not willing to nor attempt 35Ah discharge.
Got same description like yours when I bought them (blue type).
Only info on Liili Kala 32700 I found:
Link for “grey type” specification


Has anyone tried this 32700 cell yet?

Looks interesting (price and screw terminals)

Nude cell, WTT ???

50 % discharge to 1 Ohm resistor (25 C ambiance temp)

94% discharge , 5.65Ah, 68.8Wh, 35:49

The test was done with battery had been charged from B6 4 days ago.

Charging with solar panel

0.84A from 6 Cells (Sunpower Maxeon)

1A from same panel with MPPT

I am happy to have my power supply done.
Thanks for reading
73 from Pascal

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