Pacific North West Newsletter by Etienne K7ATN

Not sure if this has been shared or not but its pulled together by Etienne K7ATN (Oregon AM) and is an enjoyable read.

Paul M/W6PNG


There are some excellent articles here, especially for newcomers to SOTA. If you don’t have common sense, you’ll start to learn it here from experienced hands. GET OFF THE HILL!
I often talk to new operators about the need to, “listen to your radio.” This isn’t about answering CQ or joining conversations, this is about recognizing the protocols, and having patience after putting a call or responding to a CQ, and understanding your equipment. Sometimes it’s a pile-up, and sometimes it’s making a cup of Joe. It’s all about being the professional.
Congratulations to our new MGs. No, it’s not about the points, it’s about enjoying the Great PNW!, man, what a blast!