Did you heard this guy ?
A very special way to play the radio…

73 Alain F6ENO

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Couldn’t very well miss him Alain - Hi
73’s John

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Psychopath with same call was playing with radio few years ago.
I guess he is on leave from hospital and hope he will not
commit any crime.

73 es cu on SOTA
Mike, dj5av

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I heard this man many times during last year. He appeared again yesterday.
It is always the same story. Starting CQ without asking “QRL?” on SOTA freq, ignoring any requests to QSY, just moving the freq +/- sometimes even during transmitting.

PA1MAX is not on and may seem as a pirated call used for deliberate QRM of SOTA. BUT it is an existing genuine call. I worked him some years ago, OP Max, I even received his QSL card.
I also heard his QSO some weeks ago where he was chatting with some one discussing RIGs etc. His sending sounded the same so I am afraid this is not a pirate but just his usual operating style.
Maybe he does not realize what he is doing, he may not have an clue what SOTA is, he may think the freq is clear if there are no S9 signals on. He may think the stations asking him to QSY are just bothering him or whatever.

Maybe some of our PA friends know him and may explain him the problem he is causing.

BTW, his is on 7030,5 right now, doing the same. When he gets no reply to CQ he moves 250Hz up and on and on again.

73 Petr OK1CZ

I’ve been hearing Max on 40m for a few years. He’s usually very strong and I’ve had several QSOs with him on CW. But sadly he does call CQ blind all the time without checking the frequency, often disrupting existing QSOs, including mine.

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Yes, it confirms my assumption. If we cannot write him an e-mail let’s try to work him and politely explain the problem to him.

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Dear Petr!

The problem is that the guy using PA1MAX callsign used to tune on the SOTA frequency. Therefore any attempt on explaing the point to him can be performed exclusively in the close vincinity of that. Thus anybody trying to argue for him would also jam SOTA traffic. That both of them performs the jammer’s scenario.
As far as I can concern, the best reaction in a case like this is total negligance. Since he enjoys our excited reactions, in lack of that he would expectably become disappointed soon. Negligance steals his joy, success so he would give it up, we hope. (The sooner the better!)

73: Jóska, HA5CW

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Am trying to reach him. Name and address sofar unknown but I e-mailed the local club. Have passed yr reflections to them.
Am waiting for results. If…
73 to all and many thanks to all activators
Wim pa0wdg

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Hi Joska,

I don’t think the guy does all the QRM deliberately just to jam SOTA frequencies. I don’t think he enjoys our exited reactions. The truth is that when asked to QSY he does not react but just moves up and continue his CQ. Real idiot would stay on the frequency and continue his QRM.
He may not know about SOTA at all. I monitored his behaviour yesterday and he started to CQ somewhere on 7029. When no answer he moved 250Hz up, CQ again and up 250 Hz and on and on again. If he gets no reply to his CQ he ends somewhere around 7033 or so.
If he is real PA1MAX and not a pirate then he will start a normal QSO if he gets a reply to his CQ.
In any case it will be worth trying to answer his CQ while he is CQing well away from 7032 and politely ask him to stop his blind CQing.
I will try if I hear him next time.
Or if any one does pls post the outcome here.

73 Petr

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Thanks Wim. FYI, he used to live in Hoogeveen but now gives his QTH as Mappel.

73 Petr

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He gives qth Meppel but is not known locally (club answer: more questions rcvd, unknown, so possibly pirate).
73 to all, Wim pa0wdg

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According to a log I found on the internet his QTH is Hoogeveen.

73, William, PA0WLB

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Seems genuine - just had LOTW QSL from him.