PA0WLB any news?

Hello, i have no news from William since 16th of june.
As i use to contact him by mail, Sms, and radio on each of my Sota activity, i am worried.
Has anybody news from William?
F6HBI Gerald

In reply to F6HBI:
Hi Gerald, I have made the same remark to Bob F5HTR…
Don’t know anything…

In reply to F5UBH:
Hello Tof, I hope William is Ok, but i fear the worst.
3 weeks now since we have news from him.
By the way, we had a S2S qso on 1st of July… you did’nt upload the log?
73 see you. Gerald F6HBI

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That’s done Gerald… First by the way on “complete” !!! Hiii !!! 596 Points on 52 SOTA’s Days… More than 11 points per days… Should be Goat next year… 5th or 6th or…
Maybe this year we can done some of them… I should go to make some SOTA from La Bonnette… For the “Complete”… Should take some advance before Bob put is “Gouttiére Antenna” on the air hiii !!
I’m coming in Savines on Thursday… For 4 weeks normally ! We make the WST during the week between 20 to 26 th July…
Heard and See you soon…
And till if someone have news from William, let us know…
All log from DM/BW tour 2 are OK know…

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WST near Briancon? i am off at these date, so i might join the group!
73 Gerald