PA0SKP activated #100, trip to "sauerland

One week ago Sake PA0SKP and I had a nice trip to the “Sauerland ” in the DM/NW and DM/HE – area.

The last summit was summit #100 for Sake !!! . I am to blame for this, I infected him during a meeting on a camping in S5 …

From Thursday afternoon until Saturday we activated successfully 9 summits without problems and not much stress.
Weather was very kind to us and the fall colours were beautiful. Each time we were active with 2 stations, Sake in CW and I did the phone.

Separation about 100- 200m when possible, then we had zero interference. On Saturday I could only work chasers on the first summit, of course big contest QRM. However I made some nice DX that day like VE2 on 7MHZ and JW9 on 24MHz.

In total I made 220 QSOs.

Hope to hear you again.

73 de Hans PA3FYG