PA0HRM is QRT from present QTH Delden

Hello SOTA friends,
this morning, 23 October 2015, I had my last QSO from my present QTH Delden with HB9CZF/P OM Dominik on summit HB/UR-074! Very appropriate!
We are moving to Rheden, a small village near Arnhem and I hope to be on the air again somewhere in November or December.
In the meantime antennas have been taken down, the shack has been cleared and all equipment packed until further notice.
Thank you all for hundreds of pleasant QSO’s and I am looking forward to meeting again soon!
Hans, PA0HRM


You will be missed on the air Hans. Thank you for all the points this week.
Hope the move goes smoothly
Looking forward to hearing you again soon.

timed that well with the WW SSB contest good move :smile:



All the best in your new QTH Hans. Rheden is very close to Signaal Imbosch, the highest spot of the Veluwe. Looking forward to seeing an update of the Dutch summits list soon.

73, Hans PB2T

Hello Hans
Thanks for info and again for all these very nice qso.
I hope that we’ll meet again soon.
Enjoy your new home.
Best 73
Andre f5ukl

Hello Hans

Tnx for your last QSO from Delden. A few pictures for your memories:

Now, you only have to tell me when you plan your 1st QSO from Rhenden :smile:

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF

Good luck on the move Hans.
I am in the process of doing the same and it is quite stressful

Barry GM4TOE