PA/PA-003 Observant activation

Thirth and last activation during my Christmas holiday.

Worked 50 stations, nice score in 30 minutes( all 40 m SSB, except one on 80m )
At the end I had some problems keeping the log dry, but my XYL José helped and was holding a plastic bag above my head. ( next time I do not forget my umbrella )

Friend suggested: SROTA (Rain), yesterday I was already SNOTA (Snow)

Best route:
Start in Kunne, Belgium.
Park near cemetery, “Oude Pruis”- road.
Use stairs in the bend of the road,then keep bit right.

Happy New Year to all chasers and activaters !!

73 de Hans PA3FYG/p


Hi Hans,

I’ve noticed you have activated 3 out the 4 SOTA summits in PA.

Will you be planning to activate PA/PA-004 as well so as you are the first activator to complete all of the PA SOTA summits?

I understand that PA/PA-004 is a wildlife park, but Ruda OK2QA has managed to activate this summit.

Happy New Year

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

I understand that PA/PA-004 is a wildlife park…

Yes indeed Jimmy, but careful map readers will note that the activation zone extends outside the wildlife park so a valid activation should be possible away from the “high point” and unhindered by beasts. :slight_smile:

HNY 73 Marc G0AZS

Hi Marc,

That means PA/PA-004 should be possible for anybody to activate at any time of the year. This must how Ruda OK2QA managed to activate this summit.

Happy New Year

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

You are right Jimmy,
I am going to try it and as far as I know Ruda worked from near the parking.
The first day of activation PA-country, 1 sept 2008 I tryed to reach it and asked for permission, and got a big NO.
However I was not aware of 25 m rule. In fact I got inspiration during a eyeball QSO in S5 - country in the summer of 2008, so a was a newcomer at that time.
As far as now I always was exactly on the top, and that is my personal aim.
I think I can be far from the summit with the 25 m rule in this case, even on the carpark. However, I also want to try to reach it from another site.
However not at this moment, I had rain en snow enough this holiday … but you never know. I got a lot of inspiration last 3 days, and it is only one 1-1,5 hour drive. Be prepared.

TNX reply,

73 de Hans PA3FYG

Hi Hans,

Good luck with the activation whenever you do it. I always like to aim for the true summit as well when I go out activating with my Dad M1EYP. Ocaisonally I’ve not been able to access the true of some of the hills I’ve activated.

Yes you can far away from any summit when activating as long as you are within 25 meters of the summit.

As Marc G0AZS mentioned before, the car park on PA/PA-004 is within 25 meters of its summit.

Happy New Year

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

Dear Hans ans Jimmy!

Yes you can far away from any summit when activating as long as you are within 25 meters of the summit.<<<

In order to be unambiguous, let me put this in a different way!

The 25 metres rule refers not to a physical distance (QRB) between the actual peak and the location of the activation but in altitude! To be more specific, let’s assume that the peak is of X metres altitude. Then, in theory, draw the altitude line X-25m on your map. This area, of course will contain the actual peak you want to activate as well. Supposing that the activation is within this area, the activation is considered as valid.

However, the rule provides this kind of liberty exclusively for the case of physical obstacles, like precipices, steep and/or dangerous hill slopes, brushwoods, fences, etc. disabling the activator to reach the actual peak. That is, whenever it’s possible, the activator shall be at the actual peak or at least be as close to that, as it is possible considering the specific terrain, security, legal, proprietary right, etc. circumstances.

I hope, my interpretation of the rule is correct and clear.

Happy new year, good activating and chasing for all of you!

73: Joska, HA5CW

In reply to HA5CW:

That is perfectly clear and correct, Joska, but we should also mention that the rules require us to be considerate of other users of the summit, we should try not to spoil the enjoyment of the summit by other hill walkers. Many of us seek an operating position within the AZ that leaves the immediate summit area clear of radio equipment, antennas and so on, and will not spoil the view from the summit. Also, where transmitters are permanently sited on or near to the summit, it is often a good idea to be as far away from them as possible if our receivers are prone to cross modulation or blocking from them, a real problem on quite a few hills in the UK.


Brian G8ADD

In reply:

I’ve been there but via the park rangers I received NO entrance to the summitplace. It was forbidden to enter the place at that moment. Perhaps, Hans had more luck than me.

HNY 2010 @ all.



In reply to all:

All understood,
It is just my personal aim to go to the top, in case of PA/PA-004 (107 m) the whole area is “high”, even the village Hoog Soeren at more than 2km away is in the -25m range. My transmitting location was at 102m, and about 300m from the summit, and in public area, so I am happy. By the way my village is at minus 3m and I have to drive one our to go to that area. I do not mind keeping this mountan exclusive …
In case of the Observant PA/PA-003 however, I had to park at 79m, so I had to climb 81m hi hi.

In reply to PA3FYG:

Prachtig gedaan Hans en ik hoop je in 2010 nog meerdere malen te werken misschien wel als ON/PA3FYG/P.
Spijtig dat we hier in de streek en misschien wel het Noorden van Belgie ook geen ontvangst hebben via de kabel van RTBF want ik had ook graag de beelden eens bekeken op TV. Het zal wel een fantastische ervaring geweest zijn !

GL and HNY 2010

Groetjes vanuit Noord Belgie

In reply to ON6DSL:

Bedankt Luc,

Ik heb poging gedaan om naar de RTBF te mailen, wie weet.
Helaas spraken de heren alleen Frans en een beetje Engels.
In Nederland hebben wij via Internet “uitzending gemist”, dan kan je een paar dagen later nog kijken, maar of dat bij de RTBF bestaat? Zelfs een e-mail adres vinden, was al moeilijk.

Zou wel mooie promo zijn , ze liepen rond bij de toren daar en filmde alle langlauf drukte. Toevallig liepen ze ook de Hoge Venen kant op en troffen mij daar aan terwijl ik in qso was.
De XYL heeft eerst uitgelegd wat ik aan het doen was, daarna filmde ze mij en hielden ze een interview.
Het was denk ik voor een kinderprogramma.

Wie weet, als ik response krijg, laat ik het weten.

73 en HNY de Hans PA3FYG.

In reply to G8ADD:

Sure, Brian, the aspects you mentioned are included in “etc. circumstances”! :slight_smile: