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PA Association to get a 10 point summit?


This will put the MT in a quandary!:slight_smile:


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Is there a rule about artificial summits?

I live on a artificial Island, but that is no SOTA!

73 de Hans

In reply to PA3FYG:

DM/NW-134 is an artificial summit.

In reply to G1INK:

The summit of G/SE-009 is on an Iron Age earthwork!


Brian G8ADD

Never mind £270Bn give me a few grand and I can dig a trench deep enough to make Shutlingsloe a SOTA Summit - G/SP-018?

In reply to M0TGT:

There are others that a quite shallow trench will sotarise, Earls Hill/Pontesford Hill in WB and High Spy in LD for instance. That last one would be great to do as it would then give a terrific walk from Catbells over three SOTA summits, High Spy, Dale Head and Robinson, finishing down the ridge to Newlands. Anyone for a shovel party? :wink:


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:
Some of the hills round my way have massive fuel tanks inside them!!
Search for “inchindown” it is about a mile from my qth.
There’s certainly an easy way to make these hills smaller :slight_smile: and then
we could send some of the soil over to PA to help their 7000ft’er