P100 revision of the Mangfall Alps

Hi everybody,

just finished the revision for P100 on DL/MF.

Out of 91 summits I had to remove 39.

Needless to say that the precious time could have been used for better activities.

73 andy DL2DVE

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52 summits left, yet another daft SOTA rule destroys a list of perfectly good activation opportunities.


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hi Andy,

finished with the list of DM/BW a few days ago.
Big problem with the high-ridges who going trough the black-forest from summit
to summit.

Out of 845 summits i had to remove 720 !

that don´t mean we have no summits here,only the marylin definition don´t
work in this mountain structure .
what this mean for my future activity in SOTA / BW after 2008 ? …

vy 73 Klaus,

who can´t go out sota these days , due to the every days thunderstorms and
rainshowers :frowning:

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Hello Daniel,

was surprised as well how many summits didn’t fulfill the P100 criteria

MF-42 will stay - you can still activate it after 1.1.2009 :wink:

52 will be sacrificed, 53 and 54 are kept.

Klaus, this must have been a huge work to review so many summits - even for the few in DL/MF I was sitting many evenings in front of the screen to analyze where the next saddle is and to detect the sveral mutual dependencies with the surrounding summits.

After that frustrating work caused by MT’s rule-update I invested some more hours in searching for additional (P100-conform) mountains - and added 26 new ones ! With the help from DD1LD - well invested time.

In my personal case the SOTA-activities are time-limited due to (very young) family and workload in job. So the number of available summits in 2h driving distance from Munich is still more than I can ever activate within a year - however this may differ for others.
Consequence of the reduced list - I can operate almost only one summit per day - this will reduce points for chasers I can offer.

HEADS UP - SOTA is still alive !

73 andy DL2DVE

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Hello guys,

I do not know how many mountains here in SX (Erzgebirge) on. Now we have something on the 200th I think in Saxony sinds less than 50th dan
This is a great pity.
Such a program but people should be together. Thus, the international activities reduced.
There remains only one mountain competition within DL.


Joerg, DG0JMB

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