OZ trip this week

I will try to activate the summit OZ/OZ-005 and OZ/OZ-011 to morow.
Frq 7.032, 10.120 and 14.068

Hi Kjell,

Good luck with your activations tomorrow, will you activate OZ/OZ-002 at some point as well, if so you will be the first SOTA activater to activate all the SOTA summits in Denmark.

Jimmy M3EYP

Hello dr om M3EYP Jimmy
This time no activation of OZ/OZ-002. May be next time.
All OZ summits are now activated and I have only the 002 left.
This summits are in class easy.Even if wx this time was horrible.
A little fun to have activated in April the OZ/OZ-006 and OZ/OZ-012 with 100mW from a xtal controlled rockmite,
On OZ/OZ-001 I had a s2s QSO with OE8SPK/P and qso with G3WPF and F5SQA. This time I used the same rig with a depleted battery so last time I controlled the output it was >70mw and dipole.

Well go to the Danish summits and have fun.
No need to be fit or have light rucksack here.

73 de LA1KHA Kjell

Hi Kjell,

Good luck with your activation of OZ/OZ-002 when you activate that summit to complete the OZ association. Good to know that you have had fun activating the other SOTA summits in OZ.

Jimmy M(M)3EYP