ÖVSV SOTA trip to Isle Wight 8-16 June 2024

We will start a 10 day trip from Vienna to the isle Wight to the Marconi memorial. During the period 8th June to 16th June we will visit as many SOTA summits as possible. For more details visit my WEB for this trip at Insel Wight Reise 2024 (oe1iah.at). Later there will be a report with pictures on another page. I try to publish pictures in a blog 1. Teil Reise Blog: Insel Wight (cloud.microsoft).
There will be the group of OE1IAH, OE1RHC, OE1MVA, OE1LZS, OE3BAJ and OE5MKE. We plan to activate 10m, 14m and 30m. We will try to work on 2m as well but don’t expect to get a lot of contacts there as we do that a not so typical days and daytime. We will do voice and telegraphy, selfspotting if we have coverage.
If it’s OK for you we would be fine if you log all calls at once. We will use just one radio for all HAMs. So that would speed up the process… Hope to work you :slight_smile:


Have fun Arnold, @OE1IAH

G/SE-012 is a nice walk up summit, with some space near the trig point to set up dipoles etc. If it is sunny, there are plenty of trees to shelter beside.

G/SE-008 is a very simple, drive-up summit, with lots of space in a huge activation zone. Arguably has the better views of the two, as it gives great views to the English mainland North of the island.

I usually find plenty of people to talk to on 2m. HF should be easy enough, assuming the bands are not broken of course.

Have a great trip & I’ll keep my fingers crossed for sunny weather for you all.

73, Simon.


We will always try to get contact on 2m starting at 145.500 / 144.075CW. 10m as well to collect points fo the challenge.