Overtaken by a Sausage Dog

Activation of GW/SW-004, GW/SW-009 & GW/SW-015

At the end of last month, I managed to get out on my own for the first time since the end of September last year. I wasn’t under house arrest wearing a tag, but had been suffering from not one, but two frozen shoulders. It was quite debilitating and restrictive with very limited arm movements, unable to put a backpack on or erect a fishing pole.
My eldest son was kind enough to accompany me on most summits in January, as I started to venture out again, assisting me in getting my pack on and off my back.

My fitness had suffered somewhat and quite possibly may have added a few extra pounds, which required a few more rest stops along the way for most summits, but it was good to be out on the trail again after an extended absence.
After a few easier hills two days prior, GW/SW-004 Waun Rydd would the first real solo test.

It was a hazy start and the entire walk to and back from the summit was shrouded in mist. Visibility was not bad but limited, preventing the normally nice views across the valley towards Cerrig Edmwnt.

On the way to the summit, I found a pair of sunglasses, which I placed strategically along the path in case the owner was to pass them on the return journey. I have found several items in the last 2 years; in addition to the sunglasses, a pair of reading glasses, one single apple EarPod, an Apple AirTag and a credit card which I subsequently lost a few hours later.

After a successful activation, and roughly halfway through the return walk back to the car, I got the feeling that someone was close behind me.
I looked back and my sixth sense was correct; I stepped aside and a female walker sporting a large pair of Beats Studio Pro Over-Ear headphones passed me. Just as I was about to rejoin to main path, she turned around, with me thinking she was going to thank me for making way, only to tell me she wanted to make sure her dog continued to follow her, whilst looking straight past me into the distance behind me.
I turned around but could not see a dog which seemingly must have have been some distance away somewhere in the mist; only for a small animal to scurry along near my feet towards her. As I looked down I noticed a sausage dog (a short-haired, short-legged Dachshund) walking toward its owner who by the time I looked back up had already moved on again.

Where had they suddenly appeared from? They must have stopped off for a rest surely and I had not noticed them when I passed them not far back?
As I continued, I was convinced I would pass them anyway shortly during the stepped descent which, whilst not technically difficult, would be a challenge for the sausage dog with its small legs.
Instead, I was struggling to keep up with them. They both pulled away, and the distance between me and the sausage dog plus owner became ever longer and longer. I tried my best to keep pace without venturing into an awkward walk-run-walk motion but eventually they disappeared into the mist never to be seen again.
I know my fitness had suffered somewhat but being overtaken and then unable to keep up with a sausage dog was a bit of a blow.

Rather than feeling sorry for myself and stopping off at McDonalds on the way home, there was only one thing to do to fix that tiny dent in the ego; activate at least one and possibly two more summits and work on that fitness.

GW/SW-009, Mynydd Troed and GW/SW-015, Mynydd Llangorse would have to provide the antidote. Parking can sometimes be an issue, but I was lucky and managed to find a prime spot opposite the gate at the trailhead.
As I started to put my boots back on, I noticed something wrong with the sole of one of them. A sharp stone must have sheered off part of the inside portion of the sole. A bit was hanging off.
That was it, that must have been the reason why I wasn’t able to keep up.
Surely?! No? Of course it was.

I always carry spare radio gear in the car as well as at least one spare set of clothing and boots, so no issue.

Mynydd Troed is the steeper of the two and I tackled this one first. It was muddy and slippery at places, but continued to push myself and delayed taking rests; a good workout to regain fitness. No-one overtook me, not even a sausage dog.

After having made 4 contacted on 2m FM in 5 minutes including a S2S with Allan GW4VPX who was on GW/SW-013, and no further takers, I made my way down and had a bite to eat at the car. I then marched my way up to the summit GW/SW-015, Mynydd Llangorse.

There is very little shelter at the top and it was very windy, cooling me down quickly after my exerted efforts get to the top quickly. I decided to put up my small tarp so I could sit out of the wind. After having qualified on 2m FM, I set up for HF and stayed there for a little over 45 minutes in total.

As I got up, I should have pulled up my walking trousers. I didn’t. A big mistake. As I bent down to pick up my radio, there was an almighty ripping sound as my pants split.
I mean, not a little tear; no, they completely split, ripped totally open, across the seam from top to bottom.
I burst out laughing as I attempted to assess the damage. I could not stop giggling as I continued to pack up. What covered my legs now, more resembled a hair dresser’s cape than a pair of walking trousers.

Halfway through packing up, a cyclist stopped and wondered what I was doing; we had a brief chat about amateur radio and the countries I had managed to contact using just a bit of wire and 10W, making sure I was always facing him but unable to suppress the odd snigger.

When I returned to the car, I changed into a pair of tracksuit bottoms and was glad I was finally able to make use of my heated seats.

Despite the somewhat sobering start, a truly cracking end to the day.

Till the next time!

73, Robert


Thanks for a great report, and I’m glad you’ve been able to undertake some solo expeditions again. Well done for surviving GW/SW-009. I’ve activated it three times, and have always found it to be on the slippery side in places.

Bad luck on the clothing front, but it looks like you managed to maintain your dignity whilst chatting to the cyclist! All part of the fun of a SOTA day out on the mountains!

Nice photos too.

Looking forward to the next S2S & 73!


Robert, thank you for your refreshing report.

When I read about the lady with the dachshund and the headphones, I thought. “How relaxing it is to listen to the sounds of nature while hiking, without any human noise. You missed all of that with the headphones.”

By the way, I’m spoken every second time on a summit. And actually I’m always praised for my unusual hobby and even admired a little bit.

73 Chris


Thanks Matthew,
Indeed, the getting up the Troed steps is one thing, but getting down the muddy bits provides quite a challenge if you want to remain standing.

As I’ve gotten older, I no longer take myself very seriously and can see the funny side of things that previously I may have been annoyed about.

I took my boots to Timpson to see what could be done. As an aside, I like Timpson, as they champion work rehabilitation and give people a second chance. The chap who helped me was very honest and said even if he glued it, it may happen again due to the location.
I have since super-glued it myself and it has survived several summits since…

Exactly Chris. I love the sound of nature when out for a hike. It adds to the serenity and the joy of being outdoors.
But each to their own I guess. Perhaps nothing was playing, maybe she was wearing them to avoid having a conversation with people like me… :grin:

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At least she was wearing headphones. A few times (fortunately not many) I have passed a walker playing music through a loudspeaker. Not only are they not listening to nature but they are ruining it for everyone else too.

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:+1: I too use Timpson whenever.

From The Guardian in 2021

“Since 2008, when he opened a shoe repair workshop in HMP Liverpool, his company has employed more than 1,500 ex-prisoners. Just four have returned to jail. Many of those who turned their backs on crime – including some with drug and alcohol issues – have progressed to senior roles in the company, including a current board member.”


Most definitely!

A good life philosophy!

That is true, but I guess it’s good for us to remember that not everyone might appreciate hearing radio noises on a summit. Unlikely though that might seem!

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Working or tramping in the bush I used to be (internally) scathing of those others who chose to listen to music (more recently podcasts) at work: ‘if you can’t appreciate the place we’re working/walking in, why work/walk here at all?’

But more recently I have found that alone in the bush for extended periods of time, my mind can get stuck into repetitive or unhelpful lines of thought that can ruin the day anyway. And that a podcast or audiobook is a good distraction that takes up minimum concentration, distracting the mind from wandering off down it’s own paths, but leaving enough brain free to appreciate where I am and what I’m doing.

So I’ve swung a full 180 degree on that particular topic!

(though unchanged regarding those that choose to share their listening with everyone else present).


One of the many reasons I prefer CW.


Generally referred to as “Troeds” regardless of the actual summit. I think it was Viki M6BWA that referred to them as such when we met… a description that Paul G4MD and I had been using for years. :grinning:

I prefer E6000 glue for my boot repairs. I had one sole partly detach itself last year and I’ve used the boots on many walks, both up hills and elsewhere, since without any issues.

Many thanks for the really interesting report Robert. It made me smile when you mentioned your walking trousers. Thankfully I haven’t had such an episode, but my oldest ones are bearing the scars from crossing various barbed wire fences, noteably in Wales!

73, Gerald

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I am actually really surprised to hear that Timpson are good when it comes to repairing walking boots as me and my dad Tom @M1EYP Have had the opposite experience with Timpson with regards to getting our walking boots repaired.

Both mine and dad’s walking boots had a loads of clips snapped off them, these clips are where you feed the laces through. When we did our walking holiday in GM/SS back in August, both of is didn’t have our walking boots for that long, but still quite of few of the clips had snapped off prior to this trip and both our walking boots got waterlogged most days due some of clips being snapped off our walking boots and also because we hadn’t cleaned or waxed our walking boots prior to our trip either. In my case, my walking boots didn’t get a lot of use prior to this trip.

In our hometown of Macclesfield, there are 2 Timpson franchises and my dad took our walking boots to both these franchises back in September to try and get new clips fitted to our walking boots, but both franchises did not need the clips for them to fit to our walking boots so my dad ordered some clips online and they were delivered to him all the way from China. Once my dad got these clips, he took them and our walking boots to both Timpson franchises and asked them to fit these clips to our walking boots, but they said that they could not use these clips and they’d ordered clips that they could use and contact my dad when they have these clips. However, they still haven’t contacted my dad and therefore given that this was back in September and now it is March, it seems Timpson are in no rush to order these clips or that they now have them, but broke their promise of letting me dad know.

Therefore, my opinion is that Timpson are useless except for the fact of they did do a good jobs with key cuts for my flat. Me and my dad have a another walking holiday planned in GM/SS on the last week of May and due to Timpson being useless, we will meed to take our walking boots to a proper shoe cobblers which hopefully unlike Timpson will get the clips fitted to our walking boots for us, otherwise we will just have to reluctantly buy new walking boots for ourselves.

Jimmy M0HGY


I have experienced this on the more popular summits, a bluetooth speaker, either carried by hand or tucked in the side of the backpack.

On my way up to Pen y Fan in 2021, I came across Disco Dave, all in red, red headband, red tight lycra shorts and a red top. He was followed closely by his two pugs whilst carrying a bluetooth speaker blaring out 80s disco. He was strutting his stuff like a John Travolta in lycra.

Thanks for the tip Gerald. I’ll keep that in mind.

I couldn’t stop laughing when it happened.

Hi Jimmy, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. They actually never repaired mine as they thought any repair would come loose. Nonetheless, I will use them again in future as they provide a great service for those in need of a second chance.


…to study for her exam to become a doctor in high frequency engineering°… said my wife when I told her about you and your experiences.
73 Chris