Overnight SOTA activation in Sweden

During Easter I activated SM/VD-003 close to the border between Norway and Sweden. It was a great overnight trip with activations on 20 meter SSB.

Overnight trips are some of my favorites, waking up to a good breakfast and then some radio is a great experience.


That’s a great activation video Kjetil! I really enjoyed how you included details on your location and the surrounding area while you where working the band. That looks like a super cool logging app too. I need to upgrade my work, I’m still using pencil & paper from Rite in the Rain. That app would make easier work for sure. Many Thanks for the video. 73, Bob

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Glad you liked it :blush: It is surely a good app to use, although it still has a bit of a way to go until it’s fully featured on SOTA.

Hi dear Kjetil,
Congrats, really great video and wonderful place for overnight sota! why did you use only 20mt?



I had other plans that day, went for two POTA’s then for dinner with another HAM nearby, so didn’t have time to do much radio at each spot :blush: I also had over three hours of driving to get home

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