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Overnight LD trip

Hi all,

Just to let you know Thomas (M3OOL) and I (M0RCP) are planning to activate the following over the next couple of days,

Sat 20/9/2008 Helvellyn LD-003
Sat 20/9/2008 Seat sandal LD-022
sun 21/9/2008 Fairfield LD-007
sun 21/9/2008 St Sunday Crag LD-010

We’re planning an overnight bivouac near Grisdale Tarn on saturday night.

Ops will be 2m FM and SSB (no HF sorry) and we’ll need to conserve battery
power. Timings posted on the main SOTA site are probably rather conservative
if anything. Will try to self spot.

By the way there appears to be another party planning to do LD-003 on Saturday


Rick M0RCP

In reply to M0RCP:

Hi Rick,

Look forward to meeting at the top, if ok may follow you to Seat Sandle

Regards Dennis G6YBC

In reply to G6YBC:

Will be looking out for you.