Overheated keyer chip problem?

Yesterday was the second time in about 40 activations where my little YouKits HB-1B transceiver inbuilt keyer acted up for a few seconds and caused some confusion for my only DX contact of the day (F4WBN - thanks Christian BTW!).

The air temperature was only 10 deg C but both the radio and myself were in bright sunshine. It is possible that my tuner had gone out of wack for a little while and I was having higher SWR than wanted, so I am guessing that the internals of the radio were a bit too warm. Bit strange though given the air temperature.

Since yesterday’s problem I have taken the radio apart and moved the internal battery pack that had basically covered the little keyer chip. So now it has a bit more air to breath - I hope.

I also noticed that the RF power transistor is bolted to the upper right of the case which was directly facing the sun, so I guess I might need to be aware of that in the future and maybe try to keep that part of the radio in shade, if at all possible…

I wonder if anyone else has experienced such keyer chip problems?

Larry VE7EA