Over midnight 2022/2023

There have been a number of RBN 40m CW hits today for Matthew @M0MZB/P who is on Cross Fell G/NP-001. I did work Matthew this afternoon and he made reference to the New Year in our QSO so I will be watching out after midnight to see if another 8 points comes my way. I believe he may be overnighting there, at the top of the Pennines.

So I decided to look back back in my logbook starting in 2008 to see what early New Year Chaser SOTA QSOs I have made when in the shack on New Years Day morning. Sometimes I have not been QRV over midnight, or there may have been no New Year overlap activity:

GX0OOO/P (@G4YSS) 01:46 80m SSB 01/01/2008 (G/NP-004) Also worked before midnight

@M1EYP/P 10:01 2m CW 01/01/2009 (G/SP-015)

@HA7UL/P 09:05 40m CW 01/01/2010 (HA/ND-009)

ED2DJB/P 10:01 20m SSB 01/01/2011 (EA2/BI-066)

(2012 - G4OBK Not QRV on 01/01/2012)

@DL2DVE/P 07:02 40m CW 01/01/2013 (DM/SX-058)

@OH7BF/P 10:10 20m CW 01/01/2014 (OH/KU-007)

@anon22082801 08:51 40m SSB 01/01/2015 (G/SE-001)

@OK1TGI/P 09:49 40m CW 01/01/2016 (OK/PA-034)

@CT2GSN/P 09:59 20m SSB 01/01/2017 (CT/MN-039)

DK3CW/P 01:11 80m SSB 01/01/2018 (DM/HE-003) Also worked before midnight

GX0OOO/P (G4YSS) 00:30 2m FM 01/01/2019 (G/NP-032) Also worked before midnight
GX0OOO/P (G4YSS) 00:32 160m CW 01/01/2019 (G/NP-032) ditto

GX0OOO/P (G4YSS) 00:07 2m FM 01/01/2020 (G/NP-009) Also worked before midnight
**GX0OOO/P (G4YSS) 00:23 160m CW 01/01/2020 (G/NP-009) ditto **

@OE6FEG/P 09:51 20m CW 01/01/2021 (OE/ST-248)

2022-2023? We will see…if Matthew M0MZB/P or anyone else makes it first into my log in 2023, after first seeing in the New Year with a wee dram!

73 and Happy New Year!

Phil G4OBK


He’s posted an alert to say he is heading down due to deterioration in the wx. :frowning:

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Well it wont be me…i checked the wx forecast while in my tent at about 1900hrs…there is the potential for 50mph winds and 10cm of snow by 6AM.

I took the decision to unpitch my tent and drop down to Gregs Hut (a bothy about 150m lower down from the summit) where I am writing this. Will head back up in the morning if conditions allow.


When making decisions like that I tell myself

"the evidence of being a skilled/experienced mountaineer or hill walker is a log that contains several decisions to turn back/abandon, rather than lots of ‘close calls’ or worse ’

Anyway, now the firewood has run out 8n the bothy, my tent was a much warmer option.

Happy new year


My abandoned camp…

I think this was meant to be…on arrival at the bothy i noticed three empty bear cans. Closer inspection revealed them to be unopened, bot a great find for me as I am teatotal. However further examination reveals they are alcohol free.

I didn’t even realise alcohol free Guinness existed !


Better to be safe and not in an exposed position Matthew. Hopefully your sleeping bag will be adequate to keep you warm. I hope you have a reasonable night and that conditions are okay in the morning. Take care and a Happy New Year to you.

73, Gerald


Good decision I would say. Its a terrible night in Pickering, must be 10 times worse on Cross Hill. Looks like you had a good roar up there in Greg’s Hut for a time. I saw the hut has recently been done up. Grand job. Keep warm and we may see you on the air tomorrow Matthew.

Happy New Year!


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Thanks Gerald

I was in a 4 season tent, with a Rab survival zone bivvi bag and a very posh sleeping bag…plus the benefit of the shelter. But I didnt fancy dealing with a 50mph whiteout, and once you start worrying about it, its best to just drop to a lower elevation.

Made some good contacts though, and always good to put my new cw skills into practice.


HNY Matt. I had been thinking of an overnight as my wife is working, but the forecast dissuaded me! The weather as I drove home about 5 pm convinced me that i would enjoy being at home more than being in a tent.
Stay safe and warm


All the Best for 2023 Matt. I look forward to reading of your next adventure!

Snowing here and family around, so we’ll see the new year in beside the fire with a nice dram.


Whilst SOTA stations down under are having a ball nothing heard here in Northern Europe of the two OE stations spotted on 7 MHZ CW @OE3IAK/P and SSB @OE8CKK/P. One last listen, if nothing heard then I’m off to my bed.

Happy New Year!

Phil G4OBK

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What bad luck, Phil, I had no luck calling on 40m (I don’t observe any alerts/RBN while outside), got distracted by 2m s2s and then went back to 80m for one courtesy QSO. Then I had to pack up in darkness as my headlamp warned me - funny enough it held out on the way down. All the best to you for 2023 and I hope for many more QSOs!
hny es vy 73 de Andi OE3IAK


Glad the headlight held out on the way down Andi. Sounds like the weather was kinder in Austria than it was in northern England.

Happy New Year and lots of QSOs!

73 Phil

My plan was to activate Iso Pyhätunturi OH/KU-006 on January 1 2014, but was not sure about the snow conditions and did the same Ruuhitunturi OH/KU-007 again next day. The snowmobile track was easy to walk with snowshoes.

Ruuhitunturi has an open wood heated day hut 500 m from summit if anybody wants to try overnight activation. There are certainly more comfortable and safe options too.

73, Jaakko oh7bf/ac1bb


Made it back to the summit for my first sota of 2023


Thank you Phil for trying to hear me. Unfortunately, the activation did not work and I could not make a QSO on shortwave and only one on 2m. I’m sure it will work better next time :slight_smile: I forgot the extension coil for 80m, otherwise I could have tried on 80m. At least my XYL and I could enjoy the beautiful view in warm temperatures.

Have a great new year and I look forward to hearing you on the band!

73 Chris OE8CKK

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Glad you made it back up. I saw your spot on 2m but was in the bottom of a valley in Wales so couldn’t hear you unfortunately.
I was hoping to get a S2S but the weather was getting worse and worse so didn’t risk it.

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