Outdoor radio fun (not SOTA)

Are any other SOTA people going up to the Blackburn ARDF event on Saturday? Jimmy and I hope to be there, although just for the morning 80m event, as Macc Town are at home in the afternoon.

I know our first ever Mountain Goat - Alan M1EYO - is pretty hot at this sort of thing; wonder if he’s going?

It will be a bit into the unknown for me. I don’t know whether to take my boots and trousers and walk around the course, or take my shorts and trainers and run round!


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…or take my shorts and trainers and run round!

Normal orienteering generally requires body cover. Mainly for your protection against scratches (good idea) or to spare the blushes of others that might be watching. :slight_smile:

Good luck. I’d like to try ARDF sometime as I’ve enjoyed plenty of the more traditional orienteering.

73 Marc G0AZS

BTW… Something good to remember… The white and yellow bits on the map you can run through… the dark green bits… not unless you want to fight through it and shed skin!

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Hi Tom

G0OXV and G0MJG will be there,