Out of band operation on 20m

Ladies and Gentleman,

Can I please remind people that the 20m band in Europe is from 14.000 to 14.350MHz.

If you operate on USB with a dial frequency of 14.350MHz then your RF is from 14.350 to 14.353MHz AND YOU ARE OPERATING OUT OF BAND AND THEREFORE UNLICENCED. YOUR OPERATION IS NOT VALID FOR SOTA.

If you want to operate USB the maximum dial frequency is 14.347MHz


I’ve heard a number of UK RA’s on 14.350 USB recently.

It seems that some are not thinking about how their choice of mode (e.g. USB/LSB/CW) can put their tx out-of-band with a dial frequency on a band edge.

Another case in point is CW. Some don’t realize that CW using A1A mode is a double sideband transmission. I’ve heard UK RAs (wanting to work EU stations with WRC-15 allocation) on 5354.0 so that their LSB is illegal (I suspect some mistakenly think selecting CW/CWR on their rig acts like LSB/USB).


That is why I operate on 60m CW on 5354.5 kHz.

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WebSDR screenshot of a recent SOTA activation … not only the activator but also a lot of chasers calling OUT OF BAND.

73 Martin


In another thread Andy has already pointed out that this activation is illegal and will get no points - and the same goes for the chasers.

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