Out of Band Caution -14.347+MHz Operation

14.347 MHz and higher to the band edge may not be wise for many of us to use. An article on potential out of band operation is in QST, Feb 2017, page 66. John Hallas, W1ZR points out mode sidebands as related to dial frequency. He advises to not operate within 3 kHz of any band or segment edge.

I’d be happy to operate on 14349.99kHz LSB any day.

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But nobody would talk to you :grinning:

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Nobody does anyway.

All joking aside, it is a sad reflection on the times that any of us need reminding of a fundamental fact that we should have learned before getting our licenses. Despite that, it is quite commonplace to hear a QSO taking place on 14.350…

I often need reminding what I had for breakfast so a timely reminder is always welcome.


I get reminded what I had for breakfast an hour or two later when I get to hear a variation on Stockhausen’s Klavierstücke played on the trouser Euphonium.