Out of action for a short time

Hi all I was going to activate GW/NW-004 this weekend but got rushed in hospital to my disappointment. I think I am out of action for at least 4 weeks or so. For my friends and chasers I want to say I will hopefully be back on the air soon.
I have been diagnosed with multiple clots to both lungs, pneumonia, plurase and liquid to both lungs. Still in hospital at the moment going crazy, asked for my handheld but was told very strongly by family and friends NO. Another CT scan tomorrow to find out how this all started but everyone is drawing a blank at the moment. (Omg I am going crazy in here) someone drawup an escape plan.
My planned outing to the Edinburgh tattoo and a few summits on way back as already been cancelled :disappointed_relieved:
Speak soon

Hi Paul

Sorry to hear of your grounding, though it sounds as though you are in the right place for now. I’d resist the urge to tunnel out for a few days at least!

Best wishes for a speedy return,


Get well soon Paul.
Health is everything.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Hi Paul

Sorry to hear of your illness.

The mountains will still be there so make sure you are fit and well before venturing out.

Get well soon.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hope you get and well soon Paul!! Just take it easy for a while the Hills will always be there.

Regards to you and your family…

Tony G7OEM

Oh dear! It does seem that you are in the right place even if escape is your preferred option. I would have thought the HH would be against hospital rules rather than opposed by friends & family; an aid to well-being and an antidote to the frustration of being “caged”.

Very best wishes for your return to activity, Paul.

Hang in there Paul. Look on the time in hospital as being an investment in your future. The alternative could have been having no future at all. I know how you feel… it was bad enough for me after my heart attack having to stay in for an extra 24 hours to enable a check on additional medication to be made, so I can see how you are going stir crazy.

Set your sights on getting well and do a bit of summit planning if you can which will pay dividends in the long term.

Best wishes for a swift and complete recovery,

Gerald G4OIG

Sorry to hear about this Paul, I hope you get well soon.

Jimmy M0HGY

Get wel soon Paul.

73, Hans PB2T

Get well soon. I had pleurisy at the beginning of this year. Very very painful! Take care. The hills will be there when you get better.

Hi about to get discharged after 7 days still in pain and lots of tablets, the care has been great just go home and rest now for a while. Build my strength back up for a few weeks or so then back on the hills. Maybe not GW/NW-004 I think I will start a little summit don’t want to over do it. Thank you all for you kind replies and hope to hold a QSO with you soon, maybe a S2S.

73’s for now, operating from shack for a while maybe get a few chaser points lol.
Cheers all
M0PLA Paul


Glad to hear you are home now Paul; take it easy and stick to the Doctor’s orders! :slight_smile: You’ll soon be running up Snowdon!
Take it easy,

Excellent news Paul. I look forward to sing the alert for that small summit when you feel fit enough to tackle it. All the best for your complete recovery.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hi All

After nearly 6 months off I feel I am ready to make a start back but very easy to start with. I am going to activate weather permitting this weekend.
G/WB-005 and G/WB-003, both are fairly easy and are nice and close to my home location. 2M FM on both and 20M HF after the 2M on Stiperstones.
I have a few people going with me for support and a little encouragement I think :slight_smile:
I will self spot once there hopefully speak to a few of you.



Take it slow and steady. What you don’t do today you can do tomorrow, the mountains aren’t going anywhere.

Best of luck with whatever you achieve.

I have just read this thread and despite being here since last August, I have the feel I had missed it or I had totally forgotten about it.
Well, I’m glad to read of your recovery, Paul, and your plans to be on air from a summit again.
That’s great news.
I wish you very pleasant and enjoyable hike and good luck on your activations.
Will look forward to chasing you when on 20m.


Hi Paul

Very glad to hear you are expecting to be back on the hills again very soon. I’ve just had a look at the local weather forecast as i was going to go up the Malvern Hills tomorrow but the forecast has worsened dramatically from the sun that was promised yesterday. Now rain until about 1500 and very cold. Looked also at Church Stretton which is close to WB-005 and 003 and it doesn’t look healthy with at least 50% rain until 1600 and temp of 1C - and this is down in the valley! Think it might be worth waiting a few more days to make sure the conditions are at least bearable and, preferably, enjoyable. You don’t want a set back now.

Can you manage anything during the week as i am looking at Tuesday and/or Thursday for a WB 1 pointer (by train) so we could have a S2S if the timing is right? I will also be scanning next Saturday’s weather (but not Sunday as public transport doesn’t) as well! Best of luck

Viki M6BWA

Heard you working Phil GW4OBK/P on Friday 12th January as I was driving to mid-Wales to pick up a couple of rigs. Pleased to hear you say that you would be back on the hills again quite soon. I definitely agree this is best done with others, as indeed was my return to GM/SS with Paul G4MD in October, three months after my heart attack.

I hope you enjoy the outing and all goes to plan, assuming this wet weather goes away.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Hi all
We managed the 2nd summit as the road to G/WB-005 was closed due to bad snow. So we carried on around the hills to G/WB-003 and after a steady walk up managed to set up 3 stations. 2M fm was busy with my hand held, M0JZH (John) was operating 2M ssb and G0UFE (Simon) on 20M. The morning was very good and we were also accompanied by M6SZF (Jamie) my son with his new callsign.

I will update my blog hopefully tomorrow.



Glad to hear you’re back at it and safely working your way back up. Have done a few Summits after mine, feels good to get out when work permits. Still walk the small hills here in central South Carolina, but at least 2 hrs drive to any Summits. Guess I could take a small rig and at least chase from the trails.

Take the recovery slow and steady, none of us want to go through that stuff again. Really glad to see you out on the hills with a good crowd, you’ll gradually work your way back before you realize it. Hang in there, and best wishes for a speedy recovery while walking the summits. Beats using a treadmill hands down, plus the scenery is much better.

All the best,

Mike, N4VBV