Out in the wet... G/SC-008

Having bailed out on G/CE-005 and suffered the wet and the wind on G/CE-001 on Monday, it was with some tripidation that I detoured to G/SC-008 this morning, for an unalerted activation - half expecting to abort due to the weather

By the time I finished after just under two hours on scene, drenched, I was torn between the emotions of “why the heck do I do it” and satisfaction on a job done.

Opening up on 2m SSB got the expected wall of silence, but after moving to 2m FM I quickly got the four required entries in the log, with G4STH and G0TQZ in the warmth of their shacks (59 each way) and G8DDY/M walking the dog on the Isle of Wight (which took a bit of work getting a 58 report, but only able to give 52 in return)

But most memorably, the fourth entry was F4ERR/MM off the Cotentin Peninsula, entering the harbour at La Cité de la Mer, with a respesctable 53 report each way

Certainly, this was my first /MM contact…

Having qualified the hill, I then tried HF properly for the first time on SOTA, dialling in 7,148.00MHz… G7MYI, M1EBV, G4YUM and G4OVI rapidly went into the log, before conditions deteriorated and I sought refuge in the car.

No real DX, and amusingly enough, two of the HF contacts (G7MYI and G4OVI) were the closest to my location.

An enjoyable/satisfying time… but the question still begs to be asked - why the heck do we do it?


In reply to M6ADB:

Because its lovely when you stop?


Brian G8ADD

In reply to M6ADB:

… but the question still begs to be asked - why the heck do we do it?

Simple - because we love the sense of achievement Andrew. If you think you were wet on SC-008, come on an activation with me and I can usually guarantee you’ll get a soaking! Mind you, I’ve heard that there is some talk behind my back that I’m losing my touch as far as bad WX is concerned. :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

P.S. Even the especially bad activations are still there in my memory to be “enjoyed” over a pint of real ale in front of an open fire in the pub.


…after a long walk off G/NP-016 in 2006.


It’s another case of “This will have been fun” to add to those many and various self-inflicted tasks one does, at the time, with gritted teeth (or whatever…) :wink:

In reply to M1EYP:

Whatever you do, don’t mention White Hill SP-006 to Paul G4MD… that was in the pre-Paramo days. He still shudders at the thought!

BTW, did you hang Jimmy out to dry when you got back :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to M6LEP:

It’s another case of “This will have been fun” …

As far as I’m concerned, SOTA activations are always fun Rick. I can’t think of one that I’ve not enjoyed in the past four and a half years, even Snowdon in 70mph winds and driving rain was fun. Mind you, there was slight gritting of the teeth on that occasion.

Experience of temperatures between -10C and +32C, sun, cloud, mist, dense fog, rain in all its guises, sleet, snow and (my favourite) hail has been an intrinsic part of activating. There has never been a dull moment.

73, Gerald G4OIG