OT: Hilberling stops production of the PT8000

Hi everybody,

I know some of you have been interested in the PT8000. To my big surprise the production has been ceased with immediate effect, as their webpage reads.

roughly translated:

Through ongoing resistances towards the fulfillment of EU-wide production requirements, the design of the high-end-trx had to be re-engineered repeatedly. The highly ambitious design goals for the PT-8000 were realized in a few prototypes. To guarantee this high standard in a serial production within the chain of many suppliers and without any restrictions encounters difficulties, which would have been barely solvable with commercially acceptable efforts. Thanks to everybody for the confidence you have shown us during the project.

source: http://www.hilberling.de/news/news.htm

Original text:

Die Produktion der PT-8000 Geräteserie ist eingestellt worden.

Durch die anhaltenden Widerstände, die wir bei der Erfüllung der behördlichen EU-weiten Herstellerauflagen zu überwinden haben, waren immer wieder Anpassungen am Design dieses Spitzentransceivers notwendig. Die sehr hoch gesteckten Entwurfsziele des PT-8000 konnten in einigen Prototypen erfüllt werden. Diesen hohen Standard mit vielen Zulieferern in einer Serienproduktion ohne Einschränkungen zu garantieren, stößt aber auf Schwierigkeiten, die mit noch vertretbarem Aufwand nicht zu überwinden sind.

Wir bedanken uns für das große Interesse, welches uns während der gesamten Projektlaufzeit entgegengebracht wurde.

I wonder how many units they would have sold at all?

73 Bernhard DL4CW

In reply to DL4CW:

Or in other words “we can make a few prototypes that match the spec but we cannot bulk manufacture them and match the spec at a cost we are prepared to accept”.

Perhaps the Japanese production engineers are better at their jobs than Hilberling’s ? More likely the sheer volume made by the Japanese manufacturers makes it easier. I’ve worked for companies that make 300-500 items a year. It’s a nightmare, the volume is too low for real scale benefits and just too big for hand assembled perfection.

It’s a shame when there is less choice in the amateur market. But at least the style police can sleep easier tonight! :slight_smile: