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Orphaned topics

Having blundered around the new system for a bit, I came across a list of topics that I had either started or responded to. Upon searching the list I found some topics that are assigned to me as an originator, but which I was merely responding to. It appears that the original starting post is no longer there, and the system re-assigns the first response to be the initial post. Of course, without that original post, all subsequent posts by others are meaningless!

It may be that the original first post was deleted on the old Reflector, or perhaps the transfer process lost some items in transit. Whatever the cause, it would be nice if such topics could either be made logically whole again, or completely deleted as meaningless - low priority obviously!

As examples I cite -
“Timeout Logs” dated 19-Feb-2013 (possibly originated by OM7SM)
“After action report - W5/PO-010 - 23 Dec 2010” dated 23-Dec-2010 (possibly originated by KD9KC)

There may be others …

…perhaps your post was the only worthwhile one in each thread?