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Order of Posts

Is it possible (and if yes, how) to make the posts on a topic appear in the order from the newest to the oldest? For some popular and photos-rich topics (like the recent one on the winter bonus), reaching the last post could be an annoying and time-consuming business…
Best 73,
Zoran / E70AA

If you enter the reflector from SOTAwatch then you will always be taken to the first post in a thread. If you login to the reflector then when you click on a thread topic you get taken to the last post you read. So if you have not read anything, you go to the first post (Frosty P*ss for Fark fans!) else you go to where you read up to. Clicking on the SOTA logo or the words SOTA Reflector and you go to the contents page where you should see links in solid if there is unread content and feint if you are up to date.

So, to avoid the multiple PgDn hassle, click on the Reflector link and find your topic of interest there. And for a shorcut, you get the Frosty. Good, although will need some time to get used to it. Thank you, Andy.


when I open an unread topic (as they all were before I registered), I just press End button on the keyboard and the browser automatically loads all posts in the thread and scrolls to the last one. If I want to quickly scroll through the posts, there is a light blue scroll bar on the right side of the posts (not the one that belongs to the browser, but the one with dates and post numbers). I just pull it with the mouse to the desired position or post.

YMMV, I’m using Firefox and Win 10.

73, Valdi

Hi Valdi,
I rarely use the End button and have never developed blind typing skills for its part of the keyboard :smiley:. Anyway, those are good and useful suggestions. Thank you, Valdi.
Best 73!
Zoran / E70AA