Operator not registered

Hi Jon,

GW3RMD on the 14:01 spot on SW-026 is showing as ‘operator not registered’ when you hover over that spot, but Frank is showing up correctly on the 13:55 and 13:32 spot on the same summit.

73, Mike G4BLH

In reply to G4BLH:

Just tested and as I suspected this happens if the callsign is put in with a leading space, the space does not show up but is seen by the callsign check bit of the programming. No doubt Jon will be able to sort it.

Steve GW7AAV

In reply to GW7AAV:

Well spotted Steve. I was scratching my head on this one!

73, Jon

In reply to GM4ZFZ:

Don’t know if it is a related problem Jon, but hovering over the 16:32 spot or the 16:24 spot, both GM7PKT/P, does not produce the operator or the summit information. They both appear to be ‘self posts’ from Robin.

73, Mike (still on IE6 HI)

PS The 16:41 post of DF2GN appears to be anonymous !!

In reply to G4BLH:

Hi Mike,

The problem with PKTs spot is that the summit name contains an apostrophe (Carn a’Bhodaich) and spotlite doesn’t cope with them. I’ll fix this when I pull spotlite into SW2.

Not sure about the anonymous one, it would be good to know who posted it.

73, Jon

Just noticed in Alerts -

On 1st and 14th April F8BBL is correctly recognised as Laurent, but on 21st June, when the callsign is DL/F8BBL/P, it is showing Operator not recognised.

73 de Les, G3VQO

Looking back over the past couple of days, my self-spot using Spotlite has thrown up the “Operator not registered”, whereas I have been correctly identified as “Tom” on spots that other chasers have done from their PCs.