Operating Restrictions DM/BW-029, DM/BW-047

DM/BW-029 and DM/BW-047 are located in the national park Schwarzwald. Recently a WWFF-activator had an incident with a park ranger. The activator was using a handheld transceiver and had set up an antenna beside. The park ranger tried to drive off the activator but could not provide a legal justification for it. Up to now there are no consequences for the activator - propably the park ranger has exceeded his authorities.

Despite this I would recommend all activators to be careful to avoid unpleasant incidents and bring the SOTA programe in disrepute.
Please keep in mind the following rules:
Entering the national park for recreation and education is explicitly allowed. Staying over night and setting up tents is forbidden outside areas marked explicitly for this use. DM/BW-029 is in the core area - here leaving the marked tracks and areas is prohibited. Respect has to be taken on nature and other visitors and any damage has to be avoided. Creating noise and use of any model aircrafts is forbidden.
Park rangers are allowed to check your identity by viewing your passport / ID card in case of (an assumed) breach of rules. I recommend checking their duty card before - they are obliged to show it on request.
There is no explicit rule prohibiting amateur radio.

In order to be on the safe side, activators can ask for a permit at this contact address:

Stephan Byrtus
Sachbereich Ämter und Rechtsangelegenheiten
Nationalpark Schwarzwald
Murgtalstraße 165
72270 Baiersbronn
Email: nationalparkverwaltung@nlp.bwl.de
Phone: +49 7442 180 92 110

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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