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Operating in Japan

From Twitter:

Japan has joined CEPT T/R 61-02. You can apply for a JA call with a CEPT license. NB: not CEPT T/R 61-01, not JA/G7VJR yet. TU @JQ2GYU, fb!

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Oooooh! Now to persuade my employers to send me to JA on business so I can bag me a new continent.

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How (in G) does one go about getting a HAREC? I know they hand them out with the Advanced Exam passes nowadays, but otherwise I think existing licensees are meant to apply to Ofcom. The Ofcom Web site doesn’t shed any light on this.

I just emailed Ofcom and asked for one and they put one in the post to me the next day.

Walt (G3NYY)

ABW Anne GM4UXX (XYL) and myself off JA next April (2018). Do intend to try and activate a summit or two. So looks like it will be easier to obtain a JA licence. Great! Oh wait a minute were about to BREXIT and pull out of CEPT - next (only kidding - silly though if it wasn’t so serious :scream: )



Thanks Walt. Even better than that Ofcom have replied (within about 2 hours) by email with a .doc to print out.

Now I just need work to send me to Japan!

I asked first… Get in the queue!

There is certainly no shortage of activity in Japan. I worked 17 JA’s on 20m this morning and 10 JA’s yesterday morning. All between 07:30 and 09:30 UTC.

They are very disciplined operators in Japan. If you reply to one, all the others remain silent until you have finished the QSO. That is a lesson that we could learn here in Europe!