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There is a chance we myself, my dad tom M1EYP might be going holiday in Tenerife at around Easter time. I am struggling to find out if a morse test is still required to operate on HF is Spain and I cannot seem the find the Spanish licence regulations anywhere. I understand that you need to take a copy of these regulations when operating in Spain? Also please can you advice on how you would get a permit to activate EA8/TF-001 and where you can buy paper maps from to walk up the SOTA summits in Tenerife, preferably 1 to 25,000?

Jimmy M0HGY

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Hej Jimmy,

I’m not that familiar with the British call sign series, but M0GHY seems to me a CEPT Class A license. If so, you are allowed to operate on HF in any country joined the CEPT.
Back in the last century my own call sign (DG…) was restricted to VHF/UHF, but today it’s just another CEPT Class A license without ever having passed a CW test…


Nope. France was a hangout to CEPT changes. Russia still is ISTR.

You can buy 1:40000 maps from http://shop.viewranger.com/product_details.php?item_id=392

(EDIT: Sorry that’s the online version, you can buy paper maps from Amazon.co.uk)

Or look here Visor SigPac

Can I suggest you try the website Google sometime… type the question in full in English and see what comes back. :wink:

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Here’s the info on the cable car in English.

Thanks Andy for the links. I did Google some of this, but was struggling to find out is Spain still had a requirement to pass a morse test to operate on HF. I know Spain is part of CEPT, but under CEPT you still have to abide by the countries licence regulations meaning that if you have not passed a morse test you cannot operate on HF. I think Greece is an example of this.

Jimmy M0HGY

activations recently Jimmy?

Can’t remember going to ea8 :wink: may be my age though, things are starting to confuse me!

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I’ve got the Gran Canaria maps from this crowd: http://www.walking.demon.co.uk/ and they seem pretty good, they do quite a range including Tenerife.


Thanks Andy. I noticed the Tenerife hikers map on quite a few websites. It says it is 1 to 25,000 and I believe this should have both Tenerife’s SOTA summits on it.

Jimmy M0HGY

As far as I know, morse code is not anymore required to get a ham license in Spain.
Best 73 de Guru -EA2IF

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Holiday booked. EA8/M1EYP/P and EA8/M0HGY/P now in planning mode.

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Hi Guru,

Thank you for letting me that morse code is not required. Do you know where I can download the Spanish licence regulations from. I know Spain recognises the CEPT licence, but I understand that under CEPT you have to abide the licence of the host country?

We also have our permits to activate EA8/TF-001.

Jimmy M0HGY

Hi Jimmy,
I have just sent the Spain’s radioamateurs regulations to your e-mail on QRZ.com
I hope you’ll get from them what you need for a great ham radio experience in EA8 land.
Good luck to you and your dad.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF