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Operating in Antigua?

Decision made…… we are off to Antigua in April!

I would love to bring the FT817 along too and know there are no registered SOTA summits there so will maybe work IOTA instead. Does anyone have any experience of using a transceiver there, and more importantly, does anyone have a reliable contact there in order to assist in processing the paperwork? Fyi, I’ve already downloaded a licence application form & submitted it by email but haven’t had a reply yet. I’ve have also emailed an Op (that runs a Net) & the President of ABARS and haven’t heard back from either of them :frowning:

73, Lea.

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Hi Lea

There’s a huge contest station (V26K) on the island owned by an American crew that can be rented. Just prior to COVID I inquired and separately applied for a license (required to operate from the island) and heard nothing back despite inquiring again. Gave up once COVID arrived.

Good luck and YMMV….


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