Opening logs in SOTA CSV Log Editor

Has anyone been able to get there SOTA log from DXKeeper into the SOTA CSV Log Editor? I exported my log from DXKeeper as a Tab Delimited file, opened it in excel and saved it as a CSV file. When I tried to open it in the SOTA CSV Log Editor it does not see the file. Is there a way to do this?

Jeff K6QCB

Do you close (the csv file in) Excel, before you open it in the editor?
73 Chris

Hello Jeff,
May be, it is easier to export as “standard ADI” and then
convert the file online, in dedicated sota CSV format.
See on the “mapping page, extra, create a csv”
ON6ZQ Tools at

73 Gerald

SOTA csv files must conform to SOTA Database

Generally Excel will make a mess of any time value that has leading zeros, such as 0132 become 132 and then gets rejected when you attempt to import it.
Also if the CSV file has too many or not enough fields it will be rejected.

Thanks for the info. I was able to use it to convert fron ADI to CSV. IT tells you to copy the results and paste into text editor and save as .csv. I tried that it did SOTA log editor did not recognize it. Notepad does not have a choice to save as CSV but I put .csv in the name that did not work. What am I doing wrong?
Jeff K6QCB

Send the actual CSV to me at anryan (at) Gmail and I will take a look when I get a chance. The sotadata parser is tricky, but surprisingly tolerant of poor input

Thanks everybody for your help. The ON6ZQ tools did not work for me but the converter on the SOTA mapping page did. Thanks not I don’t have to enter them one by one any more.
Jeff K6QCB

As the author of SOTA CSV Log Editor : I am a little puzzled why you wanted to Export the Log from DXKeeper to Import into SOTA CSV Log Editor ?

I always create my SOTA log in SOTA CSV Editor, then peridocally upload the CSV to the SOTA database as well as export from SOTA CSV Log Editor to ADIF and import the ADIF into DXKeeper.


Because I log my chaser contacts into DXKeeper on a daily basis. I maybe making a SOTA contact then a non SOTA contact, it is easier to log everything into one logging program than switching back and forth. It seems silly to me to log one kind of contact into one program and another kind of contact into another.
Then I was putting them into my SOTA log one by one. When I get behind it logging them into SOTA and I have, say 21 to do it would be easier to filter DXKeeper for only the SOTA contacts then to convert them into a format for bulk uploading. I thought SOTA CSV log editor would convert them into the proper format and I could make any edits if needed. The converter on the mapping page solved my problems. I didn’t know about the converter on the mapping page until F6HBI mentioned that above.
Jeff K6QCB

Jeff, Have you looked at Log4OM? It includes support of SOTA and it is easy to export a csv file for upload. I use it all the time in the shack and upload chaser contacts every few weeks. It only takes a few steps to identify the time period required (since the last log export & upload) and to then generate the csv file for upload to the database. And the price is right (free). It also has support for WWFF contacts.
Peter VK3PF

I will check it out.
Jeff K6QCB

Could you still send the broken CSV to me? I need to work out if there’s a bug in the parser or in the CSV editor